This is about a lukewarmy as the Lukewarm Stove gets, but I thought it worth mentioning that, with the Red Sox signing Carl Crawford, the Chicago Cubs’ task of moving Kosuke Fukudome just got a lot harder.

You say, “wha? Crawford and Fukudome are not in the same league, how can one affect the other?” I know, I know.

I’m simply saying that, with Crawford in the fold, the Red Sox will likely no longer really be looking for another outfielder this Winter. Fukudome, at the right price, certainly would have been considered. The Red Sox were one of the few rumored destinations, so taking them out of the fold can only make the task more difficult.

That’s it. That’s all I’m saying. Like I said – lukewarm.

  • NUwildcat2007

    Couldn’t a certain west coast team, who missed out on Crawford, have slight interest in the left handed fukudome?

    • Jeff

      The Angels do have “boatloads” of cash to spend according to Arte Moreno, and do need an outfielder. I don’t know if that means they want the Cubs mediocre overpaid outfielder though. If they have money and want to spend it, the Cubs do have some expensive players to move.