There was a time – oh, say, July – when the collective thought of Chicago Cubs fans and management, alike, went something like this: “How are we ever going to dump Carlos Zambrano? How bad is it going to look when we come hat in hand to every team in MLB? How much money will we have to eat, and can we even get a B prospect in return?”

Then, Zambrano got his shit together, both mentally and performance-ally, and those thoughts faded into the background.

Flash-forward to this weeks’ Winter Meetings, and things had shifted so far that other MLB teams were actually approaching the Cubs.

A Cubs source indicated a few teams have asked about Zambrano but said that his no-trade clause ends discussions, as it is not believed he’d agreed to deals after his strong finish under Mike Quade. Chicago Breaking Sports.

While I’m fairly ambivalent at this point regarding Zambrano – keep him, trade him – I do suspect that, given their druthers, the Cubs would still prefer to trade Zambrano. He’s talented, but unreliable, and he’s paid to be a surefire number one ace; something he’s simply not.

But, he’s not going anywhere – he’s said so himself. And that’s fine, too. Zambrano may not be a surefire number one ace, but he’s a very good pitcher.

  • Larry

    “Zambrano may not be a surefire number one ace, but he’s a very good pitcher. ” I would amend this slightly to say that he can be a very good pitcher when he is focused and can keep himself under control.

  • Larry

    I think that the only way that he waves his no-trade clause is if he really wants to keep working with Rothchild. In that case he may wave it to go to NY, but I am not sure that the Yankees would be willing to put up with him.

    • pfk (Peter F. Kempf)

      Joe Girardi woud have him in stranglehold within a month. New York media would eat him alive.

  • CubsFanatic

    Doesn’t he like Ozzie? Anyone thing we could ship him to the White Sox?

    • Bric

      Any time Zambrano’s name comes up in trades the only team I realistically think of is the Sox. Two reasons: his no trade clause means he has to agree to the team and he is a 10 year old. Seriously, think about his comments about water, his tantrums, his ridiculous actions and comments, his always wanting to be first… the guy’s got the mental age of a 10 year old. You can’t deal with him as an adult so you have to treat him the way he wants to be treated and give him something he wants. Which is why he might accept a trade to the Sox. It’s a chance to be with his friends, get back at his old team, and not have to move very far or change very much. That’s what most kids want. Plus, Ozzie has the same mental age so the Sox would probably agree to it.

      • Jeff

        I think the Sox are one of the only logical choices, but if the Yankees strike out on Lee and can’t get Greinke, they may have some interest. Just because they are the Yanks and they have the money, a core group of guys that won’t tolerate Z’s tirades, and if I’m not mistaken Joe Girardi was Zambrano’s catcher his first couple of years in the league, so he might be willing to work with big Z. I don’t think the Cubs can move him and feel like they got back anything worthy of what he could be and has been getting paid to be. I have the feeling the only way he gets traded is if he pitches well to start the season and the Cubs fall out of the race early.

  • Serio

    Why cant the Cubs go after Carl Pavano?? No money??

  • Serio

    You know with such a slim Catching Market out there how feasible would it be to trade/shop Soto…you have Wellington Castillo and Robinson Chirinos and im not sure if you want to trade these guys

  • James Smith

    if i were jim hendry i would trade for matt garza then sign brandon webb with the money you save by sending chris archer and maybe fukudome they need a new of with crawford gone that gives you a very good rotation if webb got back to pitching good or at least decent with garza zambrano wells webb and dempster thats a pretty good rotation then bring up darwin barney and this is the linup
    starlon castro , marlon byrd , tyler colvin aramis ramirez carlos pena alfonso soriano darwin barney geo soto matt garza/carlos zambrano bullepen sign kerry wood to a short term deal to teach the young guys then leave everthing the same
    but if you look at this team and take away the injuries last year and new additions and bullpen errors like giving 5 runs up this is a very solid team with pretty good defense with castro working on his defense down south