Cliff Lee’s impending decision will affect the Chicago Cubs, even though they are not in on the free agent ace. Multiple reports have Lee down to the New York Yankees and returning to the Texas Rangers.

The impact on the Cubs? The Rangers are interested in Matt Garza *if* they cannot re-sign Lee. They’ve already reached out to the Rangers about Garza, and could make a serious push if they lose Lee – a push that might outdo what the Cubs are willing to give up.

The Rays are going to wait out the Lee decision before re-engaging in trade talks with teams like the Cubs regarding Garza. So, in simple terms, if you like Garza for the Cubs, you should be pulling for Lee to return to the Rangers. For what it’s worth, a couple sources last night indicated that the Yankees are not optimistic about their chances.

  • Larry

    While I would be excited to see Garza end up with the Cubs, I have been pulling for the Rangers to get Lee all along. I am tired of the Yankees getting the marquee players year after year simply because they can afford to throw more money at them. I would laugh to see the Yankees get shut out of the big names this off-season.

  • Serio
  • http://bleachernation ramy16

    i would definately trade for garza…as long as dumb ass hendry doesnt give up our whole dayum farm system! Garza isnt worth archer, or Lee! would however give up vitters along with brett jackson….we could sign ramirez to an extension! he wants to stay in chicago! Vitters isnt ready to be an everyday 3rd baseman nor does he have the power that ramirez has either…

  • Ace

    I thought I was as hard on Hendry as anybody, but you guys are brutal.

    • Serio

      ramy16 is my hero

  • http://bleachernation ramy16

    thanks serio….iam just fed up with how hendry runs our fucking ball team…i am 6 generations deep of a cub fan…my family runs deep as cubs fanatics! i just wish the ricketts would pull their heads out of there ass and get a real gm to run our ball team! oh by the way and tax the stupid yankees up the ass as well as boston…hate both of those fucking teams as well as the shit birds (aka the st.louis cardinals)