I’m at least partially kidding.

But several Chicago Cubs are already working out in anticipation of the 2011 season at “Camp Colvin,” an offseason workout camp in Mesa, Arizona, named after outfielder Tyler Colvin, who used offseason training last year to pack on 25 pounds of muscle.

Among the players in camp are Colvin, Ryan Dempster, Jeff Samardzija, DJ LeMahieu, Darwin Barney, Brandon Guyer, and Tony Campana.

“It’s a nice chance for some of these guys to spend time together outside of the season in a different format,” Fleita said. “It helps them bond and reach the ultimate goal.”

Right now, the goal is to improve their strength and conditioning. After Jan. 1, they’ll start adding baseball activities. Muskat Ramblings.

It’s great to see youngsters taking their future into their own hands, and Samardzija’s dedication in a make-or-break year for him is also refreshing.

But to see Ryan Dempster – a veteran leader, already on a nice contract – participating with these guys in an offseason workout program in early December is absolutely tremendous. He’s probably trying to get himself in position to start the season as hot has he’s been finishing the last few seasons.

First round pick Hayden Simpson is also expected to join the camp.

  • KB

    That’s cool. Props to Colvin, and I can see why people like him.

    I’ve always been REAL curious why team owners don’t make this a permanent thing. You’re paying guys, literally, millions of dollars to play a little ball. Why not make it imperative that they are under contract all 12-months of the year, like normal people, and make sure they’re staying in shape… looking at batting-cage 90MPH fastballs, loosening up the muscles by running around a ball filed for an hour a day, pumping a little iron here and there…how come this isn’t a regular part of the gig?