Kerry Wood opened the door ever so slightly this weekend to a return to the Chicago Cubs.

At Ryan Dempster’s charity even on Friday, Wood told the Chicago Tribune that there was a chance he could return to Chicago.

“There has been a lot of interest, but at this stage of my career it has to be the right fit for my family,” Wood said. “We are raising our kids and making our permanent home in Chicago, so we’ll see what happens.”

And about actually coming back to play for the Cubs?

“Nothing is impossible. We’ll see how things play out.”

It’s no secret that Wood could get more from another team than the Cubs would be able (willing?) to afford. It’s also likely that Wood could find a closing job somewhere. But at least he’s saying there’s a chance.

  • pfk

    I think it would a big clubhouse boost to have him back. And an excellent influence on the kids. It would boost alot of spirits to have him back. I think Lee’s signing for less to be where he wanted may influence him a bit.

    • Bric

      I agree. It’s time for Ricketts to put up or shut up. Up until now he’s let Hendry do most of the thinking and talking. Unfortunately Jim’s been snake bit by bad trades, releases, and signings recently and is fighting for his dignity and job. Translation- he won’t pony up any cash for an old friend or get locked into anything more than a short term deal without his boss’s okay. The reaction to Woody’s comments belong to Ricketts. If Ricketts is really a fan first and an owner second, he’ll find a little Christmas bonus in the back of his wallet to bring Woody back. If not, the Cubs are just like any of his other assets, like an Arby’s or car dealership.

  • pfk

    I think we need to have medics on call for ramy16. I think he is close to having a heart attack.

  • Serio

    Hes not coming back!! His window to win a ring is slowly closing & the Cubs are FAR away from that. If i were Wood i would give Philly the deal of a life time

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  • curt

    please kerry dont come back this team is years away from contending if yu were still good in 3 yrs myb but were turning in2 the big market minnesota twins except we dont trade very well and most of our prospects stink and go 2 doe with the orioles i hate 2 say this bit if yu really want 2 come chicago its on the south side tht u should look

  • ramy16

    just found out guys…kerry wood wants 2 yrs 12 mil..can you believe that? hendry can find somebody way better! thats if can he can pull his head out of his ass and find a nice middle releiver…i cant believe that fat piece of shit is actually letting the brewers have a better off season then us?? wrigley north is now in on carl pavano..then just add marcum…looks like the central may come down to the brew crew this year..anouther fucked season that we cubs fans have to see..due to a fat piece of shit as a gm and his fucking midget for an owner