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6 responses to “Hold on to Your Butts: The White Sox Have Made an Offer to Kerry Wood”

  1. Serio

    Just stick a knife in my heart. Im going to ahve to heat it from Sox fans all year and now this!

  2. Jeff

    Dave Kaplan says that Kerry Wood is close to finalizing a deal with the Cubs, not the Sox.

  3. KB

    I love Kerry Wood. What Cub fan doesn’t? But isn’t paying top dollar for a set-up man kind of a luxury thing?

    Oh, what the hell. You know that Jimbo certainly isn’t going to let a winter go by without overpaying for some useless reliever, so it might as well be a guy who is both useful and beloved.

  4. ramy16

    i just saw..let the white sox have him…his fastball has tailed off… i would love to see aramis or carlos take his ass deep in the 8th or 8th inning…kerry wood would look dumb in white sox black…doesnt his bitch ass know that the cubs are and always will be chicago’s team!! i hate the white sux as much as the shit birds aka (cardinals)

    1. Butcher

      I dunno. Watching him in the postseason for the Yanks, his fastball looked just fine to me.

  5. Jared

    Sorry, though I would absolutely hate seeing him on the southside, he (appearance-wise) LOOKS like he would fit in with that team. I’m not saying his personality would fit, but let’s be honest here, Kerry kind of looks like an asshole. As do the great majority of guys that play for the Sux. Hope this doesn’t happen!