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5 responses to “Chicago Cubs Close to Deal with Kerry Wood”

  1. art

    is DeRosa next? really i hope he has something left.

  2. pfk (Peter F. Kempf)

    I share all the concerns but I REALLY hope they reach a deal. There is apart of this that goes beyond reasonable money. Having gone from the Cubs to the awful Indians in an awful city probably put him in a funk. Going to New York got him pumped up. He is an example of perseverance, courage and, if healthy, is damn good.

  3. marc

    He’ll even if he sucks…he’ll put fans in the seats…so really how bad could it be? I dont see a guy like frasor putting any extra bodies in the seats…

    I know ill sure as hell go see Woody again…

  4. Jeff

    I’m so very glad that they went with Wood instead of chasing Jason Frasor anymore or throwing 5 million a year at another one year wonder middle reliever. If Wood is even close to as good as he pitched for the Yankees, it will help the whole bullpen by slotting guys down and won’t hurt much if Cashner is going to start next year. I know people think Sean Marshall should get a chance to start, but I think he’s one of the best lefty relievers in the game period, and they have enough starting to not mess with what has been pretty great so far out of him.

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