Kerry Wood is coming home. According to multiple reports, the Chicago Cubs have signed setup man Wood to a one-year, $1.5 million deal. There aren’t words to describe how excellent this news is, even for a relatively minor move.

First, the contract is jaw-droppingly small. Wood was reported to be seeking a multi-year deal worth at least $6 million per year. He wasn’t going to get that much, but in a Winter that’s seen the Jesse Crain’s and Scott Downs’s of the world get more than $10 million and more than one year, the signing is an absolute coup. In fact, it’s so small that I can’t help but feel like the Cubs may have taken advantage of Wood’s desire to return to Chicago (he reportedly turned down millions more from other teams, including the White Sox). But then I remember that he’s a millionaire many times over, and I’m happy again.

Second, the move adds a much-needed solid, veteran setup man to the bullpen. Wood was absolutely dominant with the Yankees last year, after a year and a half of mediocrity in Cleveland. A return to the National League bodes well for Wood, so long as he remains healthy. Additionally, the signing frees up a potential move for Andrew Cashner to the rotation, if he’s ready.

Third, it’s just nice to have Woody back. Is he getting older? Yes. Is a reliever going to make or break the Cubs’ 2011 season? No. But you know what? Sometimes it’s all right to be sentimental. Why are we fans in the first place? Because we enjoy the Chicago Cubs. And I don’t know about you, but I have always really liked and respected Kerry Wood. Thus, even if the Cubs suck in 2011, I’ll enjoy the season just a tiny bit more now that he’s returned.

Welcome back, Kerry.

  • marc

    I think this nmight be hendry’s best signing of ywt… I can hear the fans reaction to kerry now!!!

  • pfk (Peter F. Kempf)

    So great to have Woody back! Are you sure the contract amount isn’t a typo?? Unbelievable value. Most of all it’s just a great feel-good story to end the year. Kudos to all parties in getting this deal done.

  • marc

    I appoligize for the typos in my last response… and maybe he was inspired by cliff lee’s bargain to take less money….

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  • ramy16


    • Ace

      Hendry’s new nickname is Viagra – because he brought our Wood back.

      HA! I win at the Internet.

      • marc

        Make a t-shirt… ill be the first to buy it lol