The Chicago Cubs continue to pursue pitching options such as Tampa Bay starter Matt Garza, who is more likely to move now that Cliff Lee has signed. The question remains: for a team with a theoretical glut of starting pitching, what happens to the other starters if the Cubs add a guy like Garza?

[The Cubs] boast enough starting-pitching depth in the minors to put together a package for a veteran such as Garza.

If they pulled off such a deal — and combined it with a move of talented youngster Andrew Cashner to the rotation — they then could trade one of their back-end major-league starters.

Lefty Tom Gorzelanny and righty Randy Wells aren’t as exciting as Greinke and Garza. Neither is righty Carlos Silva, whom the Cubs owe $6 million next season, with the Mariners paying the other $5.5 million.

Still, given the large number of teams seeking to upgrade their rotation, the Cubs could put all of those moving parts in motion. FOX Sports.

Recall, the Cubs were “aggressively” shopping Tom Gorzelanny at the Winter Meetings even before they’d added a guy like Garza. Presumably, the Cubs recognized Gorzelanny’s value (cheap, effective, under control for two years), and held out for a sizable return. That may change slightly if they add Garza.

As for Wells, trading him makes less sense than Gorzelanny (he’s even cheaper and under more control), but he would net perhaps more value. Unbeknownst to regular stat-checkers, Randy Wells was – by some advanced measures – better in 2010 than he was in his breakout 2009 season.

Silva – well, the Cubs would probably like to dump Silva regardless of what happens with the rest of the rotation.

  • Jeff

    I’m going to agree with you on Wells, other than a few really awful outings, he was the most consistent starter outside of Ryan Dempster last year. With his low contract and his durability so far, he would be the pitcher I want to see them keep out of the two. Gorzelanny is decent, cheap, and a lefty, so he would definitely get the bigger return of the two. Of course if they can trade Silva for anything of value (a new water cooler for Z to bust up next year?), I would take it in a heartbeat. That guys a time bomb waiting to go off.

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