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3 responses to “The Chicago Cubs 2011 Top Prospects – Baseball Prospectus”

  1. pfk

    What really counts is how the Cub’s prospects stack up against the other teams, which isn’t good. Depth? yes. Star quality? No or iffy. This could be one of the reasons Hendry can’t pull off a trade with prospects. I think he is absolutely gun shy in trading prospects.

    1. BT

      Hendry has traded multiple prospects, multiple times, in multiple deals.

  2. mike

    He should be gun shy. All 5 of the Cubs top 5 are not blocked by anybody in the ML. 2011 is going to be a lost season. His focus should be on postioning the Cubs going forward. The Cubs need a long term answer at 1B. I don’t know if Chris Davis is the answer, but I’d make the trade to bring him or another 1B into the organization.

    Next up, getting rid of Z, Silva and Fukudome either before the season or at the deadline. Cashner should be put in the rotation, with one of Archer or McNutt getting an opportunity as a mid season call up if they continue to progress.

    Byrd as a mid season trade candidate, which opens up a spot for Brett Jackson in August. Dempster while not an ace, has the character and work ethic to mentor and help further develop Cashner, Archer and McNutt.

    I think Hak Ju Lee is a couple years away, but he looks to be the leadoff hitter the Cubs need.

    I by no means think the Cubs should be unwilling to trade any of their prospects, I just think they have so many holes, it doesn’t make sense to gut your farm system to fill one of the holes.