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2 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Rangers Close to Landing Brandon Webb”

  1. Larry

    While it would be (Or would have been) nice to have landed Webb and watched him re-establish himself as a dominant pitcher in a Cubs uniform, you can’t be too surprised or disappointed here. The Cubs have very little money to work with. I am sure Webb was going to ask for more than the Cubs could afford considering that he had at least 3 teams chasing him. Plus he hasn’t been healthy in two years, so you really have to wonder what the Cubs would have gotten for their investment. Would he be anything close to the form that earned him a Cy Young award or would be be more like so many other pitchers struggling to find the stuff that had once made him one of the game’s best?

  2. curt

    my only question is will this be a trend are we going 2 become a small market spending wise in a big market,and i just wonder when hendry wont give up prospects for proven talent arte they good or will they be the next corey patterson or felix pie who also were untouchables , hurry up 2012 season , 2011 not looking real good but maybe hendry will find that great deal yet