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6 responses to “The 2011 Cubs Convention Will Have a Pretty Solid Lineup”

  1. pfk (Peter F. Kempf)

    How sad that Chris Carpenter, a former Cy Young winner, now is pitching at Iowa. I think he could be a steal for the Cubs. Just look how good he has been the last 2 years. $20 for the first person who can name the date the Cards cut him and the Cubs picked him up.

    1. (smart) Cubs fan

      Wrong Chris Carpenter buddy. I think it would have been a little more publicized is it were the former Cy Young winning, Ace for the MLB Cardinals team. We’re talking a prospect level player here.

  2. art

    you owe me $10, i just emailed chris that question.

  3. Nude Berkowitz

    isnt chris carpenter one of there prospects with the same name?

  4. Raymond Robert Koenig

    Yes. Another difference is the Cubs’ Chris Carpenter isn’t on PEDs.

  5. bud green

    Can’t we just one time see if the kids can play? The cubs are at best a 3 or 4 place team even with Garza.