• Kenny L.

    That is hilarious.

    • Ace

      Thanks. Though this one was almost too easy.

  • Cardfan

    Thanks Ace. Hadn’t realized that they had doubled their fan base in the last couple years. Must be some kind of a record?

    Maybe there is a market now for that 1998 Wade Boggs Devil Rays jersey?

    • Bric

      You guys can laugh at the Rays’ lack of fan base because it’s true. But living in Orlando I’ve been to the Trop plenty of times. Trust me, it’s worth the trip. The park itself is kinda like watching arena baseball but you can get tickets for about eight bucks and sit in the “beach area” or basically wherever you want. Also, most days you can park in a field right across the street for free and have no trouble getting home run balls during BP. If you’re ever in the bay area it’s worth the trip. Bring a sweat shirt, they got the air set at on arctic blast.

      • Ace

        I would love to go. I would also very much like to take in a game in Arizona by the pool.

        • marc

          As of a couple years ago, Mark Grace had the most home runs hit into that pool. Dont know if it still holds. I sure hope so…

          • Ace

            I would totally jump in after a home run ball. Nachos be damned.