Hopefully you weren’t pining away for Brandon Webb in your stocking, because according to Jayson Stark, the Chicago Cubs are out of it for him.

Interest in Webb had picked up over the last two weeks, and indications were that he was going to get a decent amount of guaranteed money, which is likely what took the Cubs out of the running.

Webb is down to the Rangers (where he reportedly wants to pitch), and a “mystery” NL Central team, which is almost certainly not the Brewers. He’s expected to pick his team soon, so it will be very interesting to see how much money he gets, and whether we’re annoyed that the Cubs bowed out.

I suspect we’ll be just fine with it.

UPDATE: Sources are now indicating that Webb has signed with the Rangers, pending a physical. No word on details yet.

  • Mike S

    In your opinion, are these 1 year deals to Pena and Wood, and the lack of pulling the trigger on the Garza trade or the Davis/O’Day trade signify Hendry’s commitment to a rebuilding phase? Or does the organization think that we can actually compete this year with our rotation and lineup?

    • Ace

      If I’m being honest, Mike – and it pains me to say it – I think it signifies a team trying to have it both ways. They want to be competitive this year, but without really spending. They’d like to rebuild from within, but they want to win while they do it.

      • Mike S

        It makes me wonder where the Cubs would be at if the league allowed Mark Cuban to buy them…

        • http://none@none.com eryk

          They would already have a team filled with All-Stars and be considered a frontrunner for the Central.

          • Raymond Robert Koenig

            While Cuban would have been nice to have as owner, the Cubs should still be in a better position than they are. With the money the Cubs make and the payroll Hendry has to work with, they should be World Series contenders every season. Like the Phillies. Hendry needs to go.

      • Raymond Robert Koenig

        Well put.

  • ramy16

    i just saw on mlbtraderumors.com that we are out of the webb sweepstakes…lol which iam fine with…we still need a starter..i see john maine is still out there..ace you think hes worth it ?? or is he washed up?

    • Ace

      Maine has some problems with authority (or at least, he did with the Mets); beyond that, he’s probably not worth the Cubs’ hassle.

  • http://bleachernation ram16

    it was a shot…who do ya think the cubs have on their radar for a starter? now that were out of the webb sweep stakes..i know the rays are askin alot for garza!

  • http://bleachernation ram16

    i would like to see the cubs get carmona…he’s an kinnings eater decent era..and the indians need help just about everywhere..i think hendry could pull this one off

    • Tex

      Indians are asking a ton for Carmona. He has been too incosistent to give up 4 top prspects for.

  • http://none@none.com eryk

    Carmona for a low price would definitely be worth it.

  • Curt

    You really know what this off season comes down to is, and Yr right ace, hendrys trying to win now to save his own behind, but trying to bring kids upthat will myb get h a new contract, he has to win now or he won’t be around to see the Kids blossom, I was really hoping when the ricketts took over we’d have some sort of direction for the organization but it sure doesent look that way

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