Brandon Webb Got Paid

As anticipated, the guaranteed amount Brandon Webb received from the Rangers – $3 million – was simply too much for the Chicago Cubs to spend on a lottery ticket. By early accounts, he can earn another couple million through incentives.

When the offseason began, most thought Webb would be fortunate to land a guaranteed deal of any amount, let alone one for a few million bones. The rise from possible minor league deal to $3 million ML deal was, in my opinion, less a product of Webb turning heads in offseason throwing demonstrations, and more a product of a thin pitching market with the best available options being consolidated on a handful of teams.

This isn’t a matter of the Cubs being cheap, by the way – you’ll note that even the Yankees, who would love to add another back-end starter, didn’t entertain making an offer like that for Webb.

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4 responses to “Brandon Webb Got Paid”

  1. greg

    Wow that’s a lot of money.

    So we missed our #1 target (according to the Cubs). Who do we go after now?

  2. curt

    now tht webb is gone any chance for garza or shoulod they just put cashner and carpenter in there and let them learn on the job instead of over paying for carmona

  3. marc

    I say go for Francis… risk but would not cost as much…
    I think the big thing for us is that Aramis stops playing like he’s stoned and play like he did back in 2003….Just so frustrating seeing him play like this…