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10 responses to “Another Chicago Cubs Prospect List: Hardball Times Ranks the Top Ten”

  1. roughriider

    Matt Szczur was invited to the Senior Bowl and has accepted.

    In case you don’t know about Szczur, He was drafted as an outfielder in the 5th round by the Cubs in the 2010 draft. He played in 25 games before returning to Villanova for football. He hit a combined .347 with 35 hits. He had a 21 game hitting streak. He also missed part of the 2010 Villanova Baseball season to donate bone marrow. By all indications a class act with real talent.

    He is to recieve a $500.00 bonus if he gives up Football to play baseball and has until the NFL scouting combine in Febuary to decide. Apparently Football is his first choice.
    He has suggested that if he could be drafted in the first 5 rounds by the NFL he will play football.

    I hate to admit it and I’m being selfish but I’m hoping that he doesn’t do well in the senior bowl. He’s the type of person and player I would love to see play for the Cubs.

  2. Raymond Robert Koenig

    All the ratings I’ve seen so far this offseason have one thing in common. Everyone seems to agree that the Cubs’ system has ZERO 5-star, can’t miss prospects.

  3. roughriider

    No, the Cubs probably don’t have any (what the so called experts call) “5-star, can’t miss prospects”. There have been many many of those “5-star, can’t miss prospects” that missed. I would take a good, hard working, willing to listen and learn, with good character prospect any day. The can’t miss prospects seem to believe that they can get by on God given talent alone. Just because talent got you drafted or signed doesn’t mean you will make it to the Majors. It’s takes hard work to get there and harder yet to stay there.

    You never know where talent can come from. Mark Grace was a 24th round pick. Mark Pawaleck was a 1st round pick.

    1. Bric

      Ditto for Vitters and Samardjia. The question I always have is even though the Yankees and RedSox are always drafting dead last every year they never seem to run out of 5 star prospects that they don’t hesitate to trade. Hendry on the other hand takes the “quantity of quality” approach. Apparently he thinks having nine useless youngers relievers is better than five. More guys to blow a game in the seventh inning. Also, apparently eight utility infielders who’ll bat .217 is better than three, even though there’s no spot for them on the team anyway. Sheesh.

  4. roughriider

    I like DJ LeMahieu.

  5. BT

    That list is hilarious. Not the order, but the descriptions. I’m fairly certain “Matt Hagan” is the pen name of Tony LaRussa.