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Year: 2010

Cross Aaron Harang Off the List

He was pretty much crossed off yesterday, but now you can officially cross Aaron Harang off the Cubs’ list, as he’s signed with the Padres for one year, and about $3 million. Of all the reclamation/middle-tier type pitchers the Cubs were on so far this Winter, Harang is the first that stings a little. Not […]


Cross Lance Berkman Off the List

Well this is one of the busier Saturdays you’ll see. Today, Lance Berkman signed with the St. Louis Cardinals (um, what?) for one year, and $8 million. He’ll play left field (where he hasn’t played since 2007), and Matt Holiday will shift to right field. For a team that has won championships, in large part, […]

Well, F: Adrian Gonzalez To Be Traded to Red Sox

Reports are breaking that the Padres and Red Sox have agreed in principle to a deal for Adrian Gonzalez that will involve pitching prospect Casey Kelly, and probably at least first baseman Anthony Rizzo. I can tell you that the Cubs were working frantically until the last minute to pull off the trade, going so […]

Lukewarm Stove: Red Sox May Be Close To Landing Gonzalez

Apologies for the short form, but I’m on the road. ESPN Boston is reporting that the Red Sox are “making headway” on an Adrian Gonzalez trade. Which would, you know, suck. If the Cubs feel like they don’t have a shot at Gonzalez anymore, it could explain the urgency to make a move for Chris […]

Lukewarm Stove: Cubs Picking Up Pursuit of Brandon Webb

It seems vulgar to obsess about stupid little rumors in light of the sadness we’re all feeling today. But – as I heard once – time moves constantly, and in one direction. So we move, too. With the Chicago Cubs satisfied to sit out the middle tier starting pitcher signings – Jon Garland, Jorge De […]

Ron Santo Passed Away

I’m sometimes considered insensitive when older folks die. “They’re old,” I say. “They die. That’s when people are supposed to die.” But today, when Ron Santo passed away at the age of 70, I’m absolutely heartbroken. You know the story of Santo – one of the best third baseman to play the game, one of […]


Lukewarm Stove: Source Says Chris Davis Could Be Coming to Cubs Soon

When the Chicago Cubs tendered Koyie Hill a contract yesterday, leaving four catchers on the 40-man roster, many were concluding it meant the Cubs (other than being cripplingly stupid) would soon be dealing a catcher. That’s a logical conclusion, to be sure – of course, I’d say there was still no need to tender Hill, […]

Cross Erik Bedard Off the List

One reclamation project possibility fell by the wayside last night, as Erik Bedard agreed to do the right thing and return to the team that paid for him to rehab. The lefty signed a minor league deal (i.e., not guaranteed) with the Mariners yesterday.

Cubs Tender Everyone, Sign Jeff Baker

As noted in the comments, yesterday the Chicago Cubs agreed to a one-year deal with Jeff Baker. The utility infielder will make $1.175 million next year. He mashes lefties, but you have to wonder whether Darwin Barney or (soon-to-be-lost) Marquez Smith couldn’t have handled the same duties for far less. Still, Baker is a decent […]

You Can Cross Adam Dunn Off the List

Granted, the Cubs crossed him off weeks ago, but his name kept popping up in connection with the team. Nevertheless, they never made an offer, and today, Dunn signed a 4 year, $56 million deal with the White Sox. Times must be good in Chicago for the city to have that kind of cash to […]

Lukewarm Stove: Rockies Aggressively Pursuing Lance Berkman

Free agent Lance Berkman has said as many as eight teams are pursuing him this winter, one of whom is the Chicago Cubs, who need a first baseman. None have yet emerged as a favorite to sign Fat Elvis, but the Colorado Rockies are making a serious push. In the Rockies’ search for a big […]


Starlin Castro is Doing Some Defensive After-School Studying

By almost all measures, Starlin Castro’s rookie season was a success. He hit well enough for shortstop, he ran the bases adequately, and he provided a spark (back when providing a spark still mattered). Defensively, he showed flashes of brilliance, but bookended the brilliance with throws that eluded the grasp of even an excellent (and […]

Lukewarm Stove: A Couple Bullpen Bits

The Chicago Cubs continue to look as possible relievers to add to the mix for 2011. You can add Jesse Crain to the list of guys the Cubs are considering. Crain, 29, is coming off an excellent 2010 season (3.04 ERA in 68 innings, with a 1.176 WHIP), but you have to go all the […]

Sweet Jesus No: The Cardinals Have Acquired Ryan Theriot

Ready your voodoo magic repellent. Today the St. Louis Cardinals traded reliever Blake Hawksworth to the Dodgers for Ryan Theriot, whom they view as a possible starter at shortstop or second base. And on the Cardinals, he just might become that. The move is a big win for the Dodgers, who were widely expected to […]


On the Starting Pitching Front, the Market Look Grim For the Chicago Cubs

With the De La Rosa’s, Vazquez’s, and Garland’s of the free agent starting pitcher market gone, and the Padilla’s of the market not on the Cubs’ radar, the remaining options generally fall into two categories: solid and expensive (think Cliff Lee or Carl Pavano), and cheap and risky. The Chicago Cubs are falling, decidedly, into […]

Lukewarm Stove: Vicente Padilla Probably Not an Option for the Cubs

Another starting pitcher option bites the dust. According to Bruce Miles, anyway. As far as pitching goes, I’ve also seen the name Vicente Padilla out there. You can pretty much forget that one. The Cubs weren’t keen on him in the past, and it that seems to be the case today. DailyHerald.com. Given Padilla’s spotty performance […]

Cross Jorge De La Rosa Off Your List

He probably hasn’t been on your list since the first week of the offseason, but there was a time when the Chicago Cubs were rumored to have interested in free agent lefty Jorge De La Rosa. Then his contract demands were revealed – at least three years, at least $10 million per. So long, interest. […]

Lukewarm Stove: Clearly the Chicago Cubs Are Discussing Derek Jeter

The longer Derek Jeter went unsigned by the Yankees, you knew there would be some bizarre rumors/speculation about him leaving New York – even though everyone in the world recognizes there is zero chance he’s not in Yankee blue next year. With the two sides tens of millions of dollars apart (seriously, Derek?), that speculation […]

OMG Adrian Gonzalez: The Red Sox Might Make a Push

While many teams would no doubt be interested in acquiring Padres first baseman Adrian Gonzalez should he come on the market, very few teams have actually been rumored as interested. The Chicago Cubs are one. Another? The Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox could have extended themselves to match or outbid the Tigers on Victor […]