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41 responses to “Report: Chicago Cubs Close to Trading for Matt Garza”

  1. pfk (Peter F. Kempf)

    I think he would be a solid and proven addition to the rotation much in the mold of a Ted Lilly type (man I wish we had him back). Garza, Zambrano, Dempster, Wells and a cast of thousands for #5 spot is good. Maybe not great, but solid. If one of the kids can emerge as a new hot stud, they could have a formidable and deep pitching staff and bullpen. I like it, assuming they don’t give away the entire farm to get him. Heck, I’ll take a proven good commodity over an unproven prospect anyday.

  2. CubsFanatic

    Only thing that scares me is if Brett Jackson, Hak Ju Lee, or Chris Archer is in the trade. Other than that, if we can get by not trading them, I’d be happy. But I’m really hoping this doesn’t turn out to suck by trading too much for him.

  3. al

    not sold on this deal..especially since our OFFENSE SUCKS!! we need some bats boys and girls or it will be another long season and not worth watching on the north side!!

    1. BT

      How can you be not sold on this deal when we have no idea what the deal is?

    2. Jeff

      The problem is that the offense is overloaded with high paid veterans that aren’t going anywhere. It makes it hard to add offense when the cost would be putting a 10 million dollar+ player on the bench and coming up with the extra money to bring someone else in. The money doesn’t match, the offense will stay the same unless someone wants Fukudome at some point or if the Cubs decide to trade Marlon Byrd after they fall out of contention.

  4. Jeff

    Muskat is saying that Wittenmeyer is full of hot air and both teams are saying that the deal isn’t close, that the Rays still want to hold on to him until mid season. I don’t see how they hold Hellickson out of the rotation for half a season hoping that Garza increases in value, but they seemed content to let Carl Crawford walk away for nothing, so who knows.

  5. mike

    Marmol is the guy to move in this deal. Sell high on Marmol, slide Wood into the closer spot for 2011, and then look at Bell, Papelbon, Broxton or even Valverde for 2012.

    1. Sandberg

      Valverde? Butcher will cut you.

      1. Jeff

        Valverde is old, maybe older than he says, Broxton imploded and lost his closer job last season, and Bell is in thirties. Marmol is one of the top closers in the game and is only 28, why even think about trading someone who is filling very nicely what is traditionally a major hole for the Cubs.

  6. J. Spoonmore

    Whooo! I my 80 years plus at least 20 even before I was a twinkel in my dads eye the cubs have been trying to build a winning team. They traided players and more players but have not found the winning team. The cubs have traided many of young good players that have come back to haunt us. If we could not build a winning team for over 100 years maybe we better take a few more years and build one with our form system. What do we have to loose? What we have been doing has not worked so why not take another road and really give it a chance. If you take one of your little babys and work and train them right they will develop into something but, if you do not give them a chance … what do tou get? I’ll let you answer that question.

    1. Jeff

      The Cubs haven’t made a trade of prospects/younger players that they got fleeced on since the Palmeiro/Moyer for Mitch WIlliams deal 20 years ago. Since then they have held on to their prospects and hardly any of them have panned out. Hendry has actually done a pretty good job of trading prospects for improving the major league team since he’s been here. The general consensus around baseball is that the Cubs have a deep minor league system, but don’t have anyone who is a can’t miss, 5 star prospect. There are zero recent world series winners who have built their team solely through the draft. Every one of them have made trades to bolster their core by giving up key prospects for proven veterans. There will be a very limited amount of top half of the rotation starters in free agency the next few years, and Garza compares favorably to the ones who will be. He may not be a necessity, but being ahead of the curve and recognizing the thin pitching market by being proactive in acquiring Garza, would definitely help the Cubs in the immediate future and the long run.

  7. art

    is Garza taking us to the WS? if yes, make the trade. if no, stick with the kids. we’ve tried it every which way and got nothing, zilch, zero, nada, 0, let’s try the kids.

    1. BT

      Garza is younger than every pitcher the Cubs started with any regularity last year. He is younger than Sean Marshall, Welles, Gorz and Marmol. He is the same age as Berg, Caridad, Stevens, and Mateo. Coleman is the only starter appreciably younger. Samardzija is only one year younger.

      He probably won’t win a world series for them this year, but the quality of this deal depends entirely on what Hendry gives up, not on the age of Garza.

  8. Serio

    On the Current Matt Garza Situation

    1. ed

      me neither

  9. Mike S

    Multiple reports say that the Cubs and Rays are not that close to a deal. The Rays asking price has not come down, nor will it come down before July 31st. I doubt the Cubs are going to give the Rays 4 of their top prospects, including their shortstop of the future. Keep your hats on boys.

  10. umpirejim

    I don’t trust this GM to do anything right ! Just look Sorry-on-o STILL has FOUR YEARS left on his contract at what ? 16M,17M he should have been fired for that alone. Add on the ” Big Z” the highest paid no# 4 starter in baseball and there talking about trades ! The Addams Family better wake up, it should have started with the signing of Sandberg . Give him a 7 year deal ,keep your young players and start really rebuilding this disaster. Remember (The Great Cub Convention) is just around the corner.If Your A REAL CUB FAN STAY HOME SAVE YOUR MONEY THERE NOT WORTH IT !

  11. CubsFanatic

    One thing though guys. Even though our offense does need work, it won’t hurt to make our pitching better. Brett Jackson and Hak Ju Lee should be called up. I think they are ready to prove that to us in SP. I swear if they do to them like they did Russel, (Only pitcher to not allow a run in SP and still git sent down again.) I think we all need to just break Ricketts door down. Makes me wish at times like this, a real Cubs fan was in that GM seat.

  12. eryk

    Jim please no. This is terrible because you will do something stupid and deal a top prospect.

  13. eryk

    Don’t Trade:
    Chris Archer
    Brett Jackson
    Trey McNutt
    Hak-Ju Lee
    Andrew Cashner

    1. Bric

      Well, that basically says don’t trade at all. Those 5 prospects, along with Guyer, Carpenter, Vitters, and Chirinos are the only prospects worth anything to any other team. You have to remember that the other teams have scouts, too. They would never (not even the Pirates or Orioles) trade a proven or even questionable major league player for a truck load of average 2A and 3A players. Hendry is the only GM looking like a loser right now. Re-stock the farm system by trading Gorz? For what? A couple more Kyle Smits and Thomas Diamonds? They’re great for selling a couple of hunded tickets in Iowa but lousy at even throwing batting practice at Wrigley. He let a true Cub and veteran pitcher, Ted Lilly, go to save a few bucks and a couple average prospects. He’s the laughing stock of the GMs of MLB. And the Cubs are gonna suck for the next five years, with or without his “prized” prospects.

      1. ed

        Sounds good, don’t trade at all.

      2. mike

        I’m not a huge Hendry fan, but how can you fault him for trading Lilly? There was no guarantee Lilly would resign with the Cubs and how can you judge the return on Lilly after 2 months in the Cubs system?

        I’m sure you were outraged when Hendry traded DeRosa yet, one of the prospects in that trade is rated #1 in the Cubs farm system by baseball america.

        1. pfk (Peter F. Kempf)

          I’m not faulting Hendry for doing what he had to. No question, he had to get something for Lilly rather than risk losing him and getting nothing. I’m just saying I miss having him in the rotation.

        2. Bric

          I was shocked, but not outraged. At the time I said to myself, well, at least he got a decent return- I figured Archer was the key player in the deal and knew we had a few years to wait for him to progress. I thought Gaub was a throw in and a bust, and still do. I thought Stevens was gonna be better than he is (for that matter, I thought the same of Jeff Grey). The reality is whether any of the players Hendry aquired in the Lilly deal have anything in five years, we’ve become the Cleveland Indians in terms of terms of rebuilding. Except our parroll is a hell of alot bigger than their’s, as is our ticket prices. The Cubs are a major market team being outmanaged by a bunch of small and medium market GMs. That’s pathetic. That’s why we don’t belong in the same category as the Yankees, either Sox, and either LA teams. Even the Mets have out-GM’ed us in the last couple of years. The blame is totally Hendry’s.

  14. Blinda

    Um does jim not remember last year where most of our games were lost because of run support. Our pitching is there we just need some offense. God i hate jim hendry fire hendry and put maddux in charge

  15. Steve

    Ummmm, I don’t understand all of the “bring up Lee” talk at all. If I am correct, the kid played class A ball last season. Bring him up? How old is the guy, 19? 20? And how the hk does h”project” to be a future stud at big league lev, based on fairly good offensive numbers at that level of competition??? Don’t rush the kid, and crush his confidence when he faces high level competition (see Jeff Sam.). The problem with the Cubs HAS ALWAYS BEEN that they over-value their own talent (see Corey Patterson), and draft draft poorly in the higher rounds (see Ryan Harvey, Eric Patterson, Jeff Sam., etc.). You can’t miss with first round picks. You just can’t. It sets a franchises back YEARS. So….I say get Garza if you can. Who knows what some young kid is going to do?

    1. Serio

      Well hows Garza going to do on a SHITTY Cubs team…..WHO CARES?

      1. Jeff

        Cubs pitchers who were statistically comparable to Matt Garza in 2010: Ryan Dempster
        Cubs starters who are younger than Matt Garza: Randy Wells
        Cubs staff complete games last year: 1 Matt Garza: 3
        Cubs shutouts last year: 0 Matt Garza: 1
        Cubs who pitched 200+ innings last year: Ryan Dempster (Matt Garza had 204)

        He’s an obvious upgrade who is younger than the entire staff. Who cares how Matt Garza would do with the Cubs next year? There’s at least me, and I’m sure there are others. The guy had more complete games and shutouts the last two seasons than the entire Cubs pitching staff has had over that time, and he pitched in the AL east.

        1. pfk (Peter F. Kempf)

          The name of the game is pitching and defense. And Garza would be a good addition who is PROVEN! He’s solid, consistent and dependable. It is always easier to figure out more ways to score runs but very hard to build a solid 1 thru 5 pitching staff and bullpen. Lets get the staff in shape first and go from there. Even with Garza we still wouldn’t have an “ace” but at least we’d have a damn solid staff that, with some runs, could get us above .500 and be very competitive. If Ramirez can bounce back and Pena has a good year and everyone else is normal, we’ll score runs. The Brewers are a classic example of scoring alot of runs but without pitching they were toast. NOW, it looks like they will have both. It all starts with a good solid, deep staff.

        2. Serio

          The debate is not wether Garza’s a good pitcher…he is. The debate is what are you willing to part with & can you sign him long term.

  16. pfk (Peter F. Kempf)

    Ace, what is the record for comments on a topic? The Garza trade rumor is up to 24. Just curious.

  17. Curt

    I’d like to know who gordons source is because no one but him says this deal is even close , most of the usual reporters are saying names hvent been exchanged, curious

  18. Steve

    None of the prospects mentioned in the potential Garza deal have been rated as sure fire major league stars. None. In fact, early grades on each of them place only a couple on the “possible everyday major league player” list. Everyone is all excited about a few slightly above average position players…so much, in fact, that they don’t want to trade any of them for a proven, quality, established major league starting pitcher??? Please. Maybe I’m missing something. Perhaps the next Hee Sop Choi, or Eric Patterson is right around the corner. Jim Hendry’s drafts haven’t exactly filled up All-Star ballot boxes. Take the proven comodity, and let someone else develop the next group of first round picks that end up as utility players…

    1. mike

      What your missing is that those players were drafted before Tim Wilken came on board as the Director of Scouting. I’m not saying he’s the answer, but some of the players drafted/signed since he took over are starting to make their way onto the Cubs roster. In 2009, Starlin Castro wasn’t on anyone’s radar. Last year he was ranked 16 by baseball america with an ETA of 2011.

      For the Cubs to break the World Series drought, its my opinion they will need to develop a core group along the lines of what the Phillies did with Howard, Utley, Rollins and Victorino from which they can be a consistent playoff contender with the hopes of the stars aligning and winning the World Series. They look to have one piece with Castro, add Brett Jackson this year and possibly Hak Ju Lee the following year and you have a ss, 2nd and CF who will all be in their mid 20s from which to build from.

      1. Steve

        I understand your point, and agree for the most part. Although, as I said, Lee played Class A ball last year, and is very young. I am not all that excited about him, yet.
        Jackson is someone I don’t know a whole lot about.
        A minor league group of Howard, Chase, and Jimmy Rollins is a once in a generation find. It is doubtful that the Cubs have stumbled apon such a group in Lee, Jackson, and Castro.
        What is certain is Garza’s track record…and it’s better than any pitcher’s in Chicago.
        If I end up wrong, I will end up happy. But, pessimism is what being a Cubs fan is all about.

        1. mike

          I agree that the combination of Howard, Utley and Rollins is a very rare combination from a talent standpoint, but you can look at numerous examples of core groups and team long term success. The Dodger teams in the 70′s with Garvey, Cey, Baker and Reggie Smith. The Braves in the 90s with Smotlz, Glavine, Maddux and Chipper Jones. The Yankees with Jeter, Posada, B. Williams, Pettitte, Rivera. The Twins with Mauer, Morneau and Delmon Young. It does not necessarily translate into world series titles, but the more often your knocking on the door, the better shot you have at breaking through.

          Again, I really like Garza and think he would be a valuable long term piece. I just don’t think trading a Cashner, Archer, McNutt, B. Jackson or Lee is the best idea. The Cubs have a deep farm system and I’d be up for moving any combination of prospects not listed above. I’d even look to move Marmol.

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