Well, this is a turn of events.

Gordon Wittenmyer is reporting that the Chicago Cubs are “close” to trading for Matt Garza, as of late last night. He offers no word on what the Cubs would be sending in return.

Landing Garza would not only improve the Cubs’ rotation, but would also improve their ability to deal a guy like Tom Gorzelanny for prospects.

According to Wittenmyer, the reason the deal is now close is because the Rangers  have blown their wad signing Adrian Beltre, and no longer are interested in Garza – which encourages the Rays to make a deal. This, of course, runs counter to multiple reports that had the Rangers already out of it for Garza because of the Brandon Webb signing.


Whatever the case, we can say with confidence that the Cubs and Rays are deeply in discussions regarding a Garza trade, even moreso than they’ve been in recent weeks. Something could happen soon.

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