Photo Credit: Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune

The search to join the WGN Radio booth with Pat Hughes for the 2011 season (“replace Ron Santo” just doesn’t sound right) is still on, but a couple names Cubs fans regularly toss out are unlikely to sign up for the gig.

At this point, Mark Grace would be listed as “doubtful” and Rick Sutcliffe as “questionable” in handicapping the pursuit of a WGN-AM 720 Cubs broadcast partner for Pat Hughes.

Barry Axelrod, who has represented Grace and Sutcliffe for decades as both players and then broadcasters, weighed in with us Thursday regarding their availability for the WGN position created by the passing of Ron Santo.

“We’ve just had preliminary discussions (with WGN),” Axelrod told us. “There’s really nothing more than that. They both have plenty of experience and pretty good jobs. I think that as we get further down the line (the negotiations are) going to get a little harder. They both are gainfully employed and under contract. I’m not saying anything is not possible, but … ” Chicago Tribune.

Shrug. Most folks who’ve actually listened to Grace as a color guy are not impressed. Other names in the search include Dan Plesac, Keith Moreland, and Sarge, Gary Matthews.

  • Ian James

    Although I loved Grace as a player he annoys the, uh, heck out of me as an announcer.
    I was sorely disappointing the first time I heard him broadcast a game.
    The last thing I want to listen to is another pseudo – macho announcer pointing out the obvious and spouting cliches ad nauseum.
    I don’t care whom they hire as long as he/she can provide a little insight or point out something we all hadn’t heard a million times.

  • pfk (Peter F. Kempf)

    The Cubs are lilly white in the booth. How about a little more racial/ethnic balance?

    • marc

      how bout we just put the best guy possible in that seat? Going about it the racial/ethnic balance route is why we had to listen to Joe Morgan all these years.

      • marc

        on espn that is

        • pfk

          Geez, what a racist reply that is. I’m not saying we HAVE to someone forced on us, just that lets take a look around. Everyone mentioned so far is, well, white. You make it sound as though there was only one choice with Joe Morgan. Yes, he stunk but you make it sound like he was the only choice. If we wind up with another white person – so be it – but lets take a look and see if there are any Latinos, Blacks or whatever.

          • pfk

            One of the reasons the networks like Ozzie Guillen is that the is colorful. What about someone like a Jose Cardinal, heck, even this outfielder the Cubs got in the Garza trade looks like he has a great and creative sense of humor. I laughed at his video because it was downright hilarious and creative – not because he was black.