• greg

    I agree! Thought you were against the deal though?

    • Ace

      I’m thrilled the Cubs have Garza, and it makes me much more excited about the 2011 season. I just wonder if the Cubs gave up too much.

      • greg

        Ah, gotcha. Same here, then…only time will tell unfortunately

        • http://None Blinda

          As i keep looking at this deal the more and more i love it. Everyone is saying the Cubs gave up way more than the Brewers did for Greinke but they are also getting a guy who they will have for three years compared to Greinke who I believe has only one year left on his contract. I think Perez could be a versitile guy off the bench and from what I have heard the third prospect they got is decent. I think the talent we gave up was enough to add an ace to the club.

          • Dave B

            I believe Grienke has 2 years remaining on his contract, but at a MUCH steeper price than Garza. Makes it all the more better that we got Garza instead of Grienke.

            • Jeff

              Not to mention that the Royals wanted Cashner in the deal. I also read some places that they wanted Cashner, Lee, and Brett Jackson. So while they may have given a lot to the Rays for Garza, the Royals wanted even more from the Cubs for Grienke.

              • Sam

                The Royals got Alcides Escobar from the Brewers and I believe that they wanted Starlin from the cubs.

                • Sam

                  for Zach Grienke

  • jim

    garza has personality issues? he’ll fit in. remember i was first to compare to brock/ broglio

  • jim

    or lowe n varitek for heathcliff

  • Mike Brumley

    I love this trade too and I do agree that i am now excited about the upcoming season.

    Good article about the trade: