The Chicago Cubs have avoided arbitration with one of their tougher signs, taking care of catcher Geovany Soto for $3 million – basically in the ballpark of what he was expected to get. After a dominating rookie campaign, a terrible second season, and a solid third season, the reasonable range was probably as low as $2.5 million and as high as $4 or 5 million. On the balance, this looks like a win for the Cubs – both for 2011 and beyond.

The remaining arbitration-eligible Cubs are Matt Garza, Carlos Marmol, Sean Marshal, and Tom Gorzelanny.

  • Curt

    Boy u really don’t hve to do much anymore do ya u just hve to not suck oh I forgot yu can suck too koy hill

  • KB

    That’s a bargain for the Cubs.
    According to WAR, he was the single most valuable Cub last year. A catcher who hits for an OPS+ of 131, and communicates well with the pitching staff?