A quick rundown of a few newsworthy tidbits from this weekend’s Cubs Convention (larger news items will get a stand-alone article – like Carlos Silva suggesting he will definitely win a rotation spot):

  • The Cubs are not happy with former teammate Ryan Theriot – who tore his teammates apart after he was dealt last year, and then subsequently to the Cardinals – and suggest they’ll be taking some retributive action in 2011.
  • Ron Santo is going to get a statute at Wrigley, joining Ernie, Billy, and Harry.
  • Aramis Ramirez left an autograph session for contest winners when it became clear that a bunch of counterfeiters had mucked things up.
  • Tom Ricketts stands behind General Manager Jim Hendry.
  • AT&T is spending $5 million to make Wrigley a wireless hotspot, and the Cubs are growing ever closer to getting an electronic scoreboard to complement the traditional one.
  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    The 4th note troubles me.

  • greg

    Wish they’d spend that $5 on pitchers

  • art

    Theriot sounds like a cry baby. he’s not really a starting anything and the cardinals will find that out. I liked Theriot but not what he said. bad base runner, got hung up on his pings to RF. no range, arm, no power, etc. he should thank Louie for giving him a job.

    • wax_eagle

      Dollars to doughnuts he starts as DH at some point this season

  • KB

    Note #4 troubles me deeply.

  • CubsFanatic

    #4 has to be said guys. HE can’t say hes ganna fire Hendry. He has more respect than that. And #5 makes me wonder why. Why do we need two Scoreboards? Why do we need an electrical one? I like our traditional scoreboard. Its one of those thing that sets Wrigley Field apart from the other stadiums.

    • wax_eagle

      $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Electronic scoreboards can also be used for advertising. They are a major revenue stream as they can service multiple advertisers in a single season, whereas things like the UA adds on the outfield wall and things like tarp adds etc can only service a limited number of advertisers.

      I would also imagine that an electronic scoreboard would make Wrigley and even more attractive place for live concerts and other events throughout the year.

    • Jim

      I’ve had an idea lately that may seem rather far out there but which I think would appease a lot of parties. What about having a rotating scoreboard that has the traditional scoreboard on one side and an all digital LED video screen. It would also allow the Cubs to sell advertising on the screen and let it face any direction out onto the neighborhood north, south, or west.

      You could swing it around every inning of once per game or as much as desired. Such a contraption would add some cost undoubtedly (and may be cost prohibitive) but perhaps it very well could work and would worth exploring. It would satisfy a lot of the purist and “modernist” and would also add a cool unique technological feature to the stadium.

  • http://None Blinda

    Yes now I can bring my laptop to the games!

    • Ace

      Watch out for foul balls!

  • http://bleachernation ramy16

    i am so fucking tired of hearing about therioit…the guy plain sucks as a short stop…ya he can swipe a few bases..his arm is sub range..his on base percenatage is so so..i hope cub fans rip him a new ass hole when he comes back to visit wrigley.. i hate this pretty boy bastard…starlin castro beat his ass out for the job…so thats saying something!! cardinals can have his stupid ass….