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7 responses to “Carlos Silva Guarantees Himself a Rotation Spot”

  1. DaveB

    Theres no way in hell Wells doesn’t get the 4th spot. Hes earned it over the last 2 seasons and has shown hes very reliable (no injuries during that time).
    That leaves the 5th spot. Now, this is all assuming Gorz gets traded. While it appears that many fans (and Mike Quade) alike want to see Cashner in that 5 spot, if Silva pitches in Spring Training like he did last spring than I would have no problem with Silva taking the 5th spot. We know that hes inevitably going to get injured/his heart will explode and he will eventually be out of the rotation. Even if he only pitches well for the first month or 2 (like he did last season), we might as well take what we can get,out of him and have Cashner waiting in the wings for when Silva bites the dust.
    While we all would love to see Cashner in the rotation, I don’t think anybody will argue with the results that Silva put up in the first couple of months in 2010.

  2. Philoe Beddoe

    As one of the only Jim Hendry supporters on this board…I would like to point out that Hendry got Gorzelany as a ‘throw in’ in the Grabow deal involving Kevin Hart…just as Chris Archer was a ‘throw in’ for DeRosa…(actually credit probably should go to the scouting staff on those two)….

    so all you guys ready to fire him…I think he has made some pretty astute moves..Now if I knew Hendry was solely behind the Soriano signing, then I would agree he should deserve a fate worse than just being fired (tried for treason, public stoning, or water boarding come to mind)..but I have always heard that Crane Kenney was pushing for that one…

    anyhoo, I would support keeping both Wells and Gorzelany in the rotation..

    1. juniobors

      I have heard it was then vice president john mcdonough that wanted the soriano splash signing. Crane kenney is oblivious to the sport known as baseball.

  3. marc

    I believe he meant he’ll be on the rotation to go get the donuts in the morning. He has plenty of experience and im sure he picks a good spot every now and then