The Chicago Cubs have done what was expected for weeks, trading lefty Tom Gorzelanny to the Nationals for three prospects, two pitchers and an outfielder, according to Bruce Levine. It was a pure roster/salary dump for the Cubs, even though Gorzelanny is scheduled to make barely $2 million in his second year of arbitration. The addition of Matt Garza left the Cubs with more quality starters than they had room for, and the writing was on the wall for the otherwise valuable Gorzelanny.

Jon Morosi says the outfielder in the deal is Michael Burgess. Going into the 2010 season, the 22-year-old Burgess was a top 10 prospect in the Nationals system by most accounts. He was drafted out of high school at the very back-end of the supplemental round of the 2007 draft, and this year, splitting time between high A and AA, the right fielder put up a combined .822 OPS (his better numbers actually came in AA). It looks like Burgess replaces recently-departed Brandon Guyer as the nearest to the bigs corner outfielder in the Cubs’ system. We’ll update when we’ve heard who the two pitchers are, but for now, this is looking like a solid deal.

UPDATE: According to Bill Ladson, one of the two pitchers headed to the Cubs is A.J. Morris, a 24-year-old 4th rounder in the 2009 Draft. Morris, a righty, hasn’t made it past high A ball (he was 23 for the 2010 season), and has put up only minimally solid numbers in the last two years. Good K/BB, decent WHIP, mediocre ERA. Nats fans, for what it’s worth, seem unhappy about his inclusion in the deal – though I’m not sure I see why. Yet.

More on Burgess and Morris: John Sickels has Burgess 8th in the Nats system, with Morris at 17. Both are graded as C+ prospects, which would place them somewhere between 8th and 18th on the Cubs list.¬†For reference, some C+ guys in the Cubs’ (very deep) system: Robinson Lopez, Austin Reed, DJ LeMahieu, Marquez Smith, Alberto Cabrera, Rafael Dolis, Brett Wallach, Brooks Raley, etc.

  • Philoe Beddoe

    2010 Baseball Prospectus says “cannon of an arm” and “prodigous power”..but (surprise, surprise) needs to improve contact…solid RF prospect…

    what I like, as opposed to Guyer is he bats left-handed…if you look at last year when he came up to double A..he had really good success….what most scouts usually say is that if they can hit at AA in their early 20’s..then they have a chance…..

  • jim

    squat. cant field. line drive power, but swings for fences. sheffield his fave player.

  • art

    bah hum bug

  • greg


  • ed

    What are the chances that the Cubs will give Marshall a shot at that 5th rotation spot, considering there are no lefties in the rotation?

    • Ace

      Very slim, right or wrong. He was so, so good last year in the setup role (and he’s had fatigue issues in the past while starting), I can’t imagine the Cubs would f with that just to get a lefty in the rotation.

  • Mike S

    I like this trade. Michael Burgess is a beast. Got to watch him when he played in rookie ball. For a salary dump to get Burgess, Morris, and Graham Hicks I think Hendry did good here.

    • KB

      But WHY are the NL’s richest team so concerned with dumping a $2M salary?

      • Raymond Robert Koenig


      • BT

        Because they aren’t the NL’s richest team? Because they have been overspending the last 3 years?

  • Serio

    What did you people think you were going to get for Gorzelanny? Chris Archer & Hak-Ju Lee? Get Real. I wish Thome went to Texas. I wanted Michael Young for Gorzelanny put Young at 2B.

    • marc

      i like blake dewitt there… dont believe he’s the answer for the lead off hitter but id rather have him that ryan theriot at second…

      • Serio

        What are the odds Theriot gets straight up plunked the first game

        • Ace


          • marc

            I feel like i missed something….what did he say?

            • Ace

              Cubs players don’t care about World Series; good to be on right side of Cubs/Cards rivalry; etc.

              • marc

                Can’t say I disagree with the not caring with soriano and ramirez… Always thought they were just collecting checks… Sucks cause he had the best name ever… The riot…

                • BT

                  Yeah, all Ramirez did from 2004-08 was finish in the top 10 in MVP votes 4 out of 5 years, and was an All Star in the other year. I can totally see how you’d think he was just picking up a paycheck.

    • http://None Blinda

      Yeah like we could afford Young’s contract. I wish they wouldve done the deal with the mets getting dustin ackely

      • BT

        Ackley is on the Mariners, and they have no reason whatsoever to trade him.

  • tex

    I thought the Cubs got some descent prospects back for Gorzo. A top 10 guy in Burgess and a top 15 in AJ Morris. The Cubs lack power bats in the minors so it is worth taking a flyer on Burgess.

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  • Mike S

    I would just like to point out that I broke the news on Graham Nicks before Ace did :)
    Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition