Graham Hicks Rounds Out Tom Gorzelanny Trade

In addition to outfielder Michael Burgess and righty A.J. Morris, the Cubs will receive 20-year old lefty Graham Hicks from the Washington Nationals in exchange for Tom Gorzelanny.

Hicks was drafted out of high school in the fourth round in 2008, and hasn’t yet had much minor league success. He threw 71.2 innings last year, 66 of them in A-ball, sporting a 5.02 ERA and an ugly 1.563 WHIP. He struck out 7.8 per 9 in A-ball, which is not too shabby, and suggests he’s got some stuff. He received an above-slot signing bonus, so scouts like him, and he’s got the physical tools to be very good. He’s just got to put it together.

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8 responses to “Graham Hicks Rounds Out Tom Gorzelanny Trade”

  1. jim

    at least we got one young prospect for gorz. btw, burgess lousy in afl play.

  2. brian

    No lefties in the rotation unless Russel somehow wins a starting job and the Cubs are pretty much hoping that Cashner can be a stud in the back of the rotation. Wasn’t he a closer in college? I know he started some in the minors but I don’t want to see this kid injured because he threw 150 innings for the first time in his career.

    1. Bric

      Although Russell is the only “admitted” lefty candidate for a starting job I wouldn’t be surprised if Marshall gets a shot at starting. This is contigent on Grabow showing he remembers how to pitch is ST and Marshall actually showing he can handle the job (I personally think his stuff is much better suited for the role he’s already in). But if anybody deserves a shot at getting what he wants, it’s Marshall. I also think that given the choice between Marshall and Russell, Marshall would be the better starter.

  3. ramy16

    hey Ace just wanted to put this out here!! Cubs Get Verbal Commitment From Matt Szczur…hes going to be a good prospect! whats your take on szczur?..thanks ramy

  4. ramy16

    the deal is worth 1.5 mil…now i need that fat fuck hendry…to sign ramirez to an extension…we all know vitters isnt ready…why didnt the rays take him in the garza deal….we dont have a 3rd base solution….

  5. curt

    hey ramy now why i might agree with u on hendry i dont think we need 2 swear 2 get yr point accross just sayin, and ace i dont really enjoy bradleys legal issues, it just further proves that hendry seriously dropped the ball with 3/30 deal bradley got when everyone knew he was a headcase