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12 responses to “Competition Brewing Between Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Pena?”

  1. pfk (Peter F. Kempf)

    Ramirez working harder? Does that mean he stops running 2 strides before first base instead of the usual 5?

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  3. roughriider

    I had been wondering why the Cubs didn’t sign Derrick Lee. He is 35 and even though he was injured most of the year he still had 80 runs and 80 RBIs. Being 35 isn’t what it was 30 years ago players can be productive much later now and by all accounts Lee takes pretty good care of himself and is a pretty good guy. I didn’t make sense to me that they didn’t at least talk to him. It even seemed acrimonious.

    Now, I suspect that the reason the Cubs weren’t interested was that Lee was considered a leader on the team and wouldn’t take coaching from Jaramillo. The Cubs wouldn’t sign a player (Lee) who would undermine a Hitting Coach who has had so much acclaim and success.

    I have been a fan Aramis Ramirez. I think that if he wants to stay a Cub after 2011 he had better show some leadership and get with the program and produce as a player and team leader.

  4. ramy16

    Aramis Ramirez is my favorite player, I think that if he wants to stay a Cub after 2011 he needs to show some leadership…but then again we dont have a 3rd baseman in the wings either…i think hendry needs to get a long term done with aramis…because vitters is definately not the answer…and beltre is locked up in texas…so after this year we are shit out of luck if we lose ramirez..

  5. ramy16

    Ace my question to you… since our fat fuck for a gm decided to trade gorz for some prospects none of them being a 3rd base man what options do we have?? i do know aramis said several times that he wants to be a cub…hendry needs to pull his head out of his ass and get this done!!

  6. ramy16

    thanks ace…happy to hear that….lets boycott hendry…lol