Now that Carl Pavano, the last Type A free agent has signed, the order for the first round of this year’s first-year player draft is officially set. The Chicago Cubs will see the only benefit of their frustratingly bad 2010 campaign – they’ll pick 9th.

The complete draft order is as follows:

1. Pittsburgh Pirates

2. Seattle Mariners

3. Arizona Diamondbacks

4. Baltimore Orioles

5. Kansas City Royals

6. Washington Nationals

7. Arizona Diamondbacks

8. Cleveland Indians

9. Chicago Cubs

10. San Diego Padres

11. Houston Astros

12. Milwaukee Brewers

13. New York Mets

14. Florida Marlins

15. Milwaukee Brewers

16. Los Angeles Dodgers

17. Los Angeles Angels

18. Oakland Athletics

19. Boston Red Sox

20. Colorado Rockies

21. Toronto Blue Jays

22. St. Louis Cardinals

23. Washington Nationals

24. Tampa Bay Rays

25. San Diego Padres

26. Boston Red Sox

27. Cincinnati Reds

28. Atlanta Braves

29. San Francisco Giants

30. Minnesota Twins

31. Tampa Bay Rays

32. Tampa Bay Rays

33. Texas Rangers

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  • CubsFanatic

    With that 9th pick we had better get someone good.

  • Tex

    I hope they get a position player with the 9th pick. They need more athletes in their system. I have seen Jackie Bradley from LSU in some mock drafts. I would be good with that! There are also a couple of really good 3B prospects that would be nice!

  • Tex

    My bad! Jackie Bradley from South Carolina

  • CubSouth

    Jackie Bradley has explosive power, and is an athlete. Hopefully the Cubs will see that you need more athletes than just a good hitter or that the guy has speed. Athletes have potential without even being the best at a certain tool. All they need is for someone to mold them.

    • Tex

      I agree CubSouth 100%. Jackie Bradley also has a gun for an arm. Was clocked at 101 mph from the outfield. He has got some pop and can run too.

  • CubSouth

    Does anyone know about our new pitching coach? I liked Rothschild and believe he did good work with our pitching staff. This new guy, was he selected because Quade knew him and wanted him or was it because of the young relievers and back end starters that we have, whom he knows a lot about and can fix their mechanics because of the time he spent with them in the Minors?

    • Ace

      It was a combination of those things, and – I suspect – a desire to save a little bit of green. Otherwise, he’s a bit of an unknown quantity at this point.

  • Baseball Catchers Gloves

    Why are the Rays listed three times, the Sox listed twice, and…did the Yankees fall off the face of the earth?

    • Ace

      Free agent compensation.