If you are a former top Chicago Cubs prospect that never quite lived up to expectations, now is your time to come home. Mark Pawalek, I’ve got your ticket when you’re ready.

Fresh on the heels of signing Luis Montanez to a minor league contract with a Spring Training invite, today the Cubs signed former Cubs pitcher Todd Wellemeyer to an $800,000 minor league deal (which I suppose means that he earns the full $800,000 only if he cracks the ML roster). Converted to a starter in recent years, Wellemeyer is perhaps best remembered by Cubs fans for his dominating debut as a rookie when he struck out four in two innings of work (was that actually his debut, or has my memory morphed into the history that I want to remember?).

Wellemeyer will be given a chance to win a spot in the Cubs’ bullpen, but if not, he may end up in AAA Iowa, waiting for injury or ineffectiveness to beset a resident Cubs pitcher.

  • Serio
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  • VanSlawAndCottoCheese

    According to Baseball Reference, Wellemeye’s debut:

    May 15, 2003 vs. MIL 1.0 IP, 0 H, 3 SO, 0 BB, 0 ER, Sv

    • VanSlawAndCottoCheese


    • Ace

      I almost said struck out the side, and I knew it was against the Brewers. Wasn’t that the 16 inning game?

  • Dave

    I watched that game, I remember it was in extra innings and he struck out the side. Pretty much downhill from there. Even Dave Duncan’s magic pitching meth couldn’t turn him into a useful MLB pitcher.

    • Ace

      He was actually pretty great for the Cardinals in 2008.

      • Cardfan

        Cardinals averaged over 8 runs a game in Wellemeyer’s 13 wins.

  • curt

    what possible reason is there 2 bring wellemeyer back the only good thing he did fr the cubs was sabatage the cardinals for awhile

  • Cardfan

    Finally, finally, FINALLY… Some news I can enjoy!!!!! Shelledmeyer joins the Cubs – that’s even more asinine than the Cardinals picking up Theriot.

    Dogs and cats living together…

    • Ace

      Theriot = Starting Cardinals Shortstop.

      Wellemeyer = non-guaranteed minor league deal, possible swingman in bullpen.

      Care to rethink your quantification of asininity? :)

      • philoe beddoe

        Oh Cardfan, just worry about your own team that should have beat the Reds last year. Tony LaRussa (AKA Captain BlueBlocker) has never won without a big ‘roided up firstbaseman(yes I said it) and Dave Duncan(the true genius behind LaRussa)..

        Duncan amazes me…Wellemeyer..Bottenfield…Suppan…

      • Cardfan

        Your point is WELL taken and unarguably factual.

        • Cardfan

          That was for Ace, not Mr. Dildo Beddo or whatever the hell your name is…

          • Philoe Beddoe

            easy compadre, I was just stating that I think the Cards have the best pitching coach in the game today( heck..I am envious) and LaRussa has benefited greatly by that…and the fact that he has always had hulking monsters on his team(that he knows nothing about.)..it’s OK, we had our own hulking monster for awhile too, then he got bad and mysteriously forgot how to speak english…

            • Cardfan

              Sorry, got a little testy there. This off-season has become pissing-me-off-season.

              Cring every time I hear Theriot’s name…

              • Philoe Beddoe

                well before you get too upset Cardfan..just remember you have the best hitter in the Universe at 1B, Holiday, a young stud in Rasmus, added Berkman, Wainright, Carpenter…added Westbrook..who will probably be Cy friggin Young with Dave Duncan…Reds will nosedive as their pitchers(I think Dusty gets kick-backs from Dr. James Andrews) fall…its Cards, Brew Crew…then Cubs a distant thrid on paper..

                • Cardfan

                  …from your lips to God’s ears…let it be as you have foretold…

                  Pardon my skepticism, but Rasmus will be trade-bait by mid-season because he can’t grow up, Berkman will be out for the season by June after chasing a flyball forty feet to his left, Theriot will bat .230 and deteriorate further defensively, Freese will have yet another DUI cloud hanging over him and we’ll have the potential of the “best hitter in the universe” becoming a Cub through free-agency at the end of the season.

                  Far be it from me to be negative, though!

                  Wainwright will continue to rock – that I know…

                  • Ace

                    Rasmus will bloom into Josh Hamilton (minus the drugs), Berkman will have a resurgent year and hit like the old Berkman, Theriot will play at his highest level (especially when facing the Cubs), and Freese will DD for his friends and family.

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