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57 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Cubs Make Sense for Michael Young or Ian Kinsler”

  1. Serio

    I Said Michael Young 3 weeks ago and people here laughed at me. im not saying the cubs should 100% go for him i just mentioned it

    1. BT

      The only reason we laughed is because it’s still a terrible idea. The fact that Phil Rogers brought it up as well actually hurts your case, not helps. If it makes you feel any better, I laughed at Rogers as well.

      If Young were free, it would be a different story. He’s not.

      1. Raymond Robert Koenig

        Somewhere on the ‘net I read that the Rangers might be willing to pick up all of Young’s contract in a trade. The Cubs should be talking to them. 2nd base looks like a black hole right now.

        1. BT

          If they pick up all his salary, I’m all in. I don’t see why they would do that though.

        2. Crazy Cubs fan

          The cubs have Blake Dewitt (acquired him in trade for Lilly and Theriot) He played real well with the cubs late season so i think their wanting to give him a shot.

  2. Tex

    The one reason that I think there could be some validity to this is the recent aquisitions of Looper and Wellemeyer. Would the Rangers be willing to take Zambrano’s contract for Young? Would Z waive his no trade to go to Texas? Would trading Z for Young improve the Cubs? I say no…..but maybe the thought of getting Z off the books and with his recent exploits the last couple of years would be too appealing for Hendry to pass up! I don’t think this will happen but you could see how it would work for both teams.

    1. mike

      Why would the Cubs trade Z for Young? I could see trading Z for Kinsler if Z can start the season like he ended. But they don’t need another aging overpaid vet to sit next to Soriano? The Yankees will be in panic mode if they don’t get Pettite to come back and they struggle out of the gate.

      If Z can start the season like he finished, there will be teams lining up to not only take his entire contract but offer a quality prospect as well. The Cubs just need to sit tight and see where the chips fall.

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  4. Mike S

    What would it take you think for Kinsler? You said Cashner as the starting block…who else? McNutt? Jackson?

  5. greg

    Let’s keep Cashner, please. I like Kinseler and all but…eh. That deal wouldn’t get me super excited.

    I wonder if they would’ve considered Gorz and a package of prospects?

  6. KB

    Young would be an upgrade at the duece, but his contract is absurd. Plus, he’s 34, and has a sense of entitlement.

    Kinsler would look great in our lineup. And we do have a surplus of hard-throwing pitchers, something Texas covets. But I’d be leery about shedding young arms, especially Cashner.

    1. KB

      BTW, that’s not to say I wouldn’t trade Cashner for Kinsler (sounds like a alt-rock band).
      I would in a second, but I wonder who else the Rangers would want. I’m also a bit worried about Kinsler’s health…anyone know why he gets injured every single year?

  7. well...

    As Ace mentioned, Kinsler is not going to happen. Being a top 3-5 2B in the game, they wont trade him unless they get an absolute massive haul – a move which would completely destroy the current rebuilding direction of the Cubs in the process.

    Young is a possibility though. But the problem (outside cost and Age) with Young comes in this

    .307/.361/.509/.871, .202 ISO, .373 wOBA, 15.0 wRAA – At home in Texas 2010
    .260/.299/.380/.679, .120 ISO, .297 wOBA, -6.9 wRAA – away from Texas 2010

    .326/.376/.490/.866, .164 ISO, .375 wOBA, 122.4 wRAA – At home in Texas career
    .283/.326/.416/.743, .134 ISO, .316 wOBA, -8.3 wRAA – away from Texas career

    He has never really been that good of a hitter away from Texas, and is therefore a pretty big crap-shoot production wise on another club. When age is factored in, it gets even worse. Salary included, he becomes a shot not worth taking for 99.9% of the population.

    Of course, we have Hendry who has proven himself to be in that 0.1%. Thats why I think Hendry will at least try to get him – and this is what I see as his reasoning

    1) With the Garza deal, he has shown a willingness to trade from the future for a ever-so-slight upgrade to todays lineup while (still) ignoring future salary ramifications. He is obviously trying to stay competitive for the near future – Young would theoretically help the club be competitive.

    2) Ramirez will probably be gone next season, and Young would not only be a 3B replacement, but also a salary wash (to even savings if Texas eats anything from the 2012-13 salary or takes a long-term in return)

    3) Texas wont want much in return, and will probably even target Zambrano (or at least Dempster) alleviating the need to include prospects; plus make it financially beneficial for us.

    I could easily see a Depmster for Young + Scrub move taking place, with Hendry going with a Zambrano/Garza/Wells/Silva/Cashner rotation

  8. CubSouth

    I would like to throw my hat in the ring and suggest putting Soriano at 2b, for 3 reasons. 1. He has played that position before. 2. It strengthens our OF with Colvin, Byrd and Fukudome. 3. It gives us production at a spot we pretty much expect next to nothing with DeWitt playing there. Plus, if Soriano misjudges a ball at 2b, it won’t cost us a runner at 3rd or even an in-the-park homerun, just a runner at 1st or 2nd.

    1. Tex

      If anything I think Soriano should have been moved to 1B! He has played infield before and that way the Cubs could strenghthen their outfield and add more much needed team speed. That is the most logical move.

  9. CubSouth

    He was put there at 2nd last year, albeit, we had a handful of injuries in our infield. I know a 2b needs to work a lot with his counterpart, the SS, but couldn’t we try it in ST? He has lost some speed and agility but would u really rather see him manning the OF or plugging the much smaller hole at 2nd. And I thought the reason he wasn’t at 2nd anymore was because he demanded not to be put there. When we got him from the Nats he had played 2nd and was sent to the OF where he publicly said he wanted no part of it. Then, once traded to the Cubs, I’m guessing he had a change of heart because he said he doesn’t want to be at 2nd anymore. I’m basing my information on Sportscenter, Baseball Tonight and the WGN broadcasters. This could all be mere speculation and accusations. Oh, and Ace, I love your blogs! I don’t go a single day without checking in and seeing what new tidbits you have for us fans.

  10. CubSouth

    I disagree Tex, mainly for this reason only, Soriano has a hard time judging balls. 1b seems like the ideal position to move a guy when he is no longer useful with his legs but we had D Lee (oh how I miss him, though loved watching him everyday on FSS when he was in Atlanta), whom was great with the glove and could dig out throws from Aramis and Theriot. With Castro at SS and his high velocity, youthful accuracy which will progress in the yrs to come, it makes no sense to add to his error total with a clumsy, never played 1b character like Soriano. I’m glad we got Pena cause if nothing else, he is a solid defenseman.

    1. Tex

      I am not saying Soriano would be a gold glove candidate at 1st at all !!!They signed Pena so it is a mute point for this year, but let’s say Soriano struggles badly this year in left but hits well???? His contract is very hard to move so in order to improve the defense, the logical move would be 1st base. Hopefully, Brett Jackson would be in cf and Colvin in right and you can add a big right handed bat for left or speed guy . I would prefer some speed guy. Many guys move to 1B later in their career and I am not ready to say that Soriano would be awful without seeing it first. He has infield experience already so it is worth a look.

  11. Blinda

    I would trade Cashner for Kinsler any day of the week. Prospects rarely come out to be everything they are hyped up to.

  12. CubSouth

    I disagree with you as well Blinda, prospects aren’t just the future of your team but also great trade pieces for proven talented players. This would be a situation where trading a prospect for a talented player like Kinsler, but I believe Cashner is the real deal and you can probably trade Z for Kinsler without messing with any top prospects. You really have to know your Minor League players and trust the coaches if your a GM. Plus Hendry isn’t gonna burn off all of his prospects in one fell swoop, he couldn’t be that crazy, right?

  13. Juniorbors

    With all this talk, how good is Julio bourbon? Would Texas remember the good soriano? Soriano for young as a basis with pieces put around it?

  14. Butcher

    Ace — any time you quote Phil Rogers as a source for anything (even a lukewarm rumor), it diminishes your credibility. In this article, he calls Jose Bautista, “Juan” Bautista. And he states that the Cardinals have paid more for Kyle Lohse than Albert Pujols. Is he even trying anymore?

  15. Raymond Robert Koenig

    How about this? The Cubs offer the Rangers their choice of two trades. Prospects for Kinsler, or lesser prospects for Young but the Rangers pick up all or most of his contract.

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