As I noted last night on Twitter (follow me!), a piece of the roof at Wrigley Field tore off during the blizzard, scattering debris along the streets in the area.

A piece of a structural panel from the roof of Wrigley Field “broke away” during Tuesday evening’s blizzard, according to various reports.

Cubs spokesman Peter Chase told the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times that a section of the roof above the press box of the 97-year-old ballpark came loose in the severe winds of the snowstorm and scattered debris.

The panel, which is made of fiber board, broke off the roof, and the Cubs responded by monitoring the situation and working with the city to ensure that there were no public safety-related problems.

There aren’t expected to be any future safety issues, either. Who would have thought that a nearly century old structure would not be able to withstand the brute force of a blizzard? Good thing the State of Illinois recognizes that upgrades to the facility are necessary.*

*I am, of course, just kidding.

  • Andy

    I know I’m in the minority, but I still think they should create a new Wrigley. Rip it down and start over. Play a year at The Cell while it’s under construction.

    • Ace

      As the years go by, I come to think that way more and more. Sad as it may be.

      • philoe beddoe

        all it took for me was one visit to PetCo….if they can build a new Yankee Stadium they can build a new Wrigley…

        • Ace

          PetCo is a really beautiful ballpark.