With Spring Training just around the corner, the rumor season is heading into a reduced period. There will still be smaller signings here and there, and some trades happen as things shake out in Spring Training, but the big-time moves won’t be back on the table until we get into the season.

That said, there’s always something to discuss, as Bruce Levine did in his weekly chat. The highlights:

  • The Cubs don’t have the players to land Ian Kinsler in a deal with the Rangers (clearly Bruce has been reading the comments).
  • The Cubs aren’t any closer to signing Orlando Cabrera.
  • The Cubs, as I’ve noted, don’t have any money to spend on taking on a guy like Michael Young.
  • Marlon Byrd and Carlos Marmol are, in Bruce’s opinion, two of the most likely trade candidates if the Cubs are out of it by mid-season.
  • The Cubs are the slowest team around, which is apparently a problem.
  • The Cubs are not looking at Chone Figgins (me: despite the fact that the Mariners are desperate to dump him and would eat a ton of his remaining salary).
  • Sean Marshall will not get a shot to make the rotation, and neither will Jeff Samardzija (the latter appears to anger Bruce).
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  • Philoe Beddoe

    I would still love to see another middle infielder added to the mix…still not sold on the Baker/DeWitt combo, especially defensively…

  • Tex

    I agree with Bruce Levine about Samardzija….Why not give him a shot to make the rotation? He will make the team since he is out of options so give him a couple of starts to stretch out his arm and let him compete. He is still only 26 and I still think he can be a good 4 or 5 on a good team. He needs to command his secondary pitches much better but if he ever figures it out…..I think he could be a solid starter.