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12 responses to “Cardinals Think Albert Pujols Wants Too Much Money”

  1. greg

    If he ended up on the Cubs I would be so filled with sCardenfreude. What do you think the Cards fans would do in his first return to St. Louis? They gave Holliday a standing ovation after he caught that ball with his crotch so they’d probably throw a parade.

  2. art

    I agree, no one player is worth that much. teams (Rangers/Cubs) who sign silly contracts end regretting it later. when he got here and asked about big signings, Ricketts said, something like, you can sign 2-3 very good players and under 30 for that kind of money. I believe it was in reference to Hendry’s bad signing of Soriano and others.

    agree he would help any team.

    1. KB

      Here’s where I disagree; not all gigantic contracts are busts. If you sign a TRUE superstar, he’ll probably live up to the money. The 3 biggest contracts of all-time:
      A-Rod, Jeter, Manny. All three played magnificently throughout their deals. Why? Because they’re first-ballot HOF-type talents.

      Is Soriano? No.
      Is Pujols? Yes.

  3. savant

    I have no idea how this is going to work out, but I sure am going to have fune wearing Pujols #5 Cubs jersey at busch this summer.

    1. Cardfan

      whether you have fune or fun, I can’t wait to see the picture!

    2. dyno don

      fuck albert lat him walk he cost to much let the cubs pay it he has a hurt leg or foot he wont last 10 years cya albert we pay it at the gate

  4. Nick "MF" Anderson

    Dyno Don you can suck a f****** c**k! Albert Pujols has proven himself as the top baseball player in the last 10 years averaging a little over 40 home runs and around 115 RBI’s a year! he deservers any amount of money because he contributes so much to the team! so go f*** yourself!

    1. Andrew


    2. Ari Gold

      Seriously. You responded like that to a post from 8 months ago.

      1. Internet Random

        The Cards fans don’t read or write so fast.