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2 responses to “The Chicago Cubs Had a Good Offseason”

  1. wax_eagle

    My guess is that the only thing that will truly make the Cubs competitive this year is for Ramirez to hit. If he can be his old self (or even 3/4 of his old self) this team isn’t that much different than the team that went to the playoffs a couple of years ago. Pena will need to be close to as good as Lee and Garza will have to be close to as good as Lilly.

    The biggest problem I see is that the Central is quite a bit better than it was in 07 or 08. The Brewers have improved their starting pitching and still have a scary lineup. The Reds if they stay healthy are contenders and the Cards can never be counted out with their rotation and line up.

    I think it was probably a bit foolish to deal for Garza this off season, although the extended team control should fit with the long term plan. None of the other moves the Cubs have made seem to be huge mistakes. Woody is a bargain and Pena fills a need for a single year, if he performs you can let him walk, if he doesn’t then you aren’t committed.

  2. Philoe Beddoe

    I think its a great point that Ace makes in regards to looking at Garza and Pena as replacements and not additions….so the real question is are they upgrades?…you gain about 7 years of youth and about 6 million a year on Garza for Lilly..but you did lose a I would say slight upgrade…Pena and Lee is a wash at best…you gain some years and gain a lefty bat, but lose huge in avg.

    then you look at what we got for Lilly as opposed to what we gave up for Garza…ahhh not so good….so as much as I admire Jayson Stark(whose book the Stark Truth is great)..I would have to say the offseason was just O.K….a C+ at best….