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10 responses to “The White Sox Are the Only Relevant Baseball Team in Chicago”

  1. g fou

    Is this real life? You don’t think Cubs fans will be interested in seeing Matt Garza, who pitched a no-hitter last season, and Carlos Pena? Not only are Cubs fans going to be interested in going to games, but the Cubs are going to be winning games as well. Even with The Brewers acquiring Greinke, who had a sub-par last season, I pick the Cubs to win the majority of the match-ups.

  2. funkster

    Joe Cowley? Go figure. He’s such an asshat.

  3. funkster

    Jerry Reinsdorf should seriously consider putting Cowley on his payroll. Has he ever written a bad word about the Sox? Also, when was the last time you saw a team’s beat writer print an entire article bashing a team that has nothing to do with the one he’s supposed to cover simply because of an inter-city rivalry. Its really pathetic.

  4. Justin

    I get that Cowley is a shameless shill for the White Sox (and the Guillen clan in particular), but you really can’t take a shot at him by stacking up the division titles in the last 7 years while ignoring the elephant in the room from less than 7 years ago.

    That said, this publication is clearly by Cub fans, while the Chicago Sun-Times is supposed to be neutral.

  5. Butcher

    Par for the course.

  6. Butch Crassidy

    Cowley and I chatted for a bit on Twitter this morning. The most ridiculous thing he posted was that he feels bad for Cubs fans because they’ve invested in a failed product for 102 years…even though I’m almost 100% positive that no living Cubs fan has been one for 102 years. The guy wanted to walk in Marriotti’s shoes for a few minutes, obviously.

    1. funkste

      And Sox fans invested in a failed product for 88 years. They and their cohorts tend to forget that.

      Its sad that the old generalization that Sox people pay way too much attention to whats going on with the Cubs extends to their beat writers as well.

  7. jstraw

    Even the rat/maze analogy is a head scratcher. We were trained to find what cheese, where? Now we’re conditioned to go to where what cheese used to be? What is he even talking about? Cub loyalty is based upon past glories? wtf

    Yeah, that’s it. The organization has been resting on its laurels. /eyeroll