Following in LeBron’s Footsteps, Albert Pujols to Make ‘The Decision’

You knew it would come to this.

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16 responses to “Following in LeBron’s Footsteps, Albert Pujols to Make ‘The Decision’”

  1. chicagopete

    The pic of him in a Cubs uniform gave me a boner

    1. amanda

      fuck you he WILL play in STL

      1. TWC

        Amanda, baby, welcome to February!

  2. wax_eagle

    Ace, are you sure he’s not “Taking his talents to the South Side” ?

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  4. miggy80

    I wish that over grown Grape Ape would sign with the Cards already. I can’t take seeing him or hear any more about him becoming a Cub. There is just something wrong with saying you need your arch rival’s best player to win. I would much rather say that we beat the Cards (like in 07′ & 08′) with Grape Ape.

    1. Cardfan

      I’d kiss your ass for Castro right now…

  5. Art

    if age, pressure, is Quade’s excuse for not going with Castro as leadoff man, he should be fired. the kid/man has 1 year in the ML’s and hit 300. what pressure? he knew and said after ST he could hit up here before the Cubs knew. for many years and even now they have babied their kids. Hendry said late last year that kids were coming up younger (19/20/21) now, where has he been? teams weren’t afraid to take a chance on talent, Cubs/Hendry were. Joe Nuxhall, Al Kaline, Robin Yount, etc. not all will make it, but using age as an excuse doesn’t wash with me. you’ll never know unless you give it a good long try. just my opinion.

  6. jared

    Was thinking this to myself the other day, as a chain of events leading to the end of the world.

    December 2011: In Albert Pujols one-hour special on ESPN billed as “The Decision 2.0,” he announces he will be “Taking his talents to the North Side.” Cardinals fans burn Pujols jerseys in the streets.
    October 2012: Cubs win World Series behind Pujols MVP season.
    December 2012: The world ends.

    Honestly, I can’t stand the guy, but that’s mainly because he plays for the Cardinals, and though it would definitely hurt to see the Cubs shell out that kind of cash just for one player, a part of me would absolutely LOVE rubbing that in the Cards faces.

  7. Blinda

    i honestly think if lebron didnt do it already he would go somewhere else just to spice things up but he will go back to the cardinals

  8. curt

    todayi will be taking my talents 2 the north side of chicago, im finanly on the right side of this

  9. eryk

    2012 Cubs World Champions- With PUJOLS Leading The Charge!

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