Today, WGN Radio and the Chicago Cubs announced that former Cub Keith Moreland will take Ron Santo’s spot as Pat Hughes’ partner broadcasting Cubs games on WGN Radio. The announcement comes after a long search process, and Moreland was selected over the other presumptive finalist, Dave Otto. Moreland has served as the back-up color man for WGN Radio, WGN TV, and Comcast SportsNet Chicago when not at his regular gig with the University of Texas.

  • roughriider

    Welcome back.

  • Philoe Beddoe

    Yes! Zonk has done a great job as a fill in…I know we will miss Ronnies’ ooohs and ahhhhs, but Moreland will be great

  • Bric

    Suttcliffe should’ve gotten the job. If not him, then Otto. Moreland is and was a great fill-in. But that’s all he is. Living in Fla. and having to listen to the majority of the games through internet Moreland lends very little to the color of the game IMHO. Even though he’s got a ton of baseball knowledge he just doesn’t add anything that I couldn’t figure out for myself. Anyways, congrats on the new job. He’s a good guy and deserves respect. There are better options out there, but that’s who they chose because the management these days seems like a bunch of nice guys. I’ll let you all finish the saying.

  • Gary Larson

    I think Keith Moeland is great. Let me say, I love Ron Santo and I have worn a # 10 necklace for the last 15 years, he was and always will be my most favorate cub. I have played with and against Bob Gibson, Fergie Jenkins, Curt Flood And Jose Cardenal and I believe Ronnie is the best.. I love listening to Keith and because he is from our era, he understands our views on baseball. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK KEITH !!!!

    Gary Larson #10

  • Rich

    Pat and Keith
    Please tell Sveum to stop saying “you know” in every sentence. It seems that everyone, especially sports people, uses that phrase. If someone is doing that, I change the channel. Coach Weber the former U of I basketball coach said that all the time.