Albert Pujols’ totally arbitrary extension deadline – a hypothetical extension on a deal not set to expire for another 8 months – is one hour away. Feel those goosebumps?

Well, massage them down, because word is already leaking from multiple sources that the Cardinals and Pujols will NOT reach an extension by noon. Pujols will report to Cardinal camp tomorrow, and things will be totally, perfectly normal and distraction free for the 2011 season.

  • wax_eagle

    Why even bother to extend a deadline if you can’t/won’t meet it ? This makes even less sense than hand wringing over whether CC will opt out, or whether we will ever make it back to the moon.

    • Ace

      Yeah, I assumed the deadline extension meant things were done. I suppose that it could be the case that the two sides had reason to be optimistic, but things ultimately fell apart. Hard to know what really happened.

      • Mike S

        Hello Chicago :)

  • terry

    Carlos Silva is an ass. He thinks he should just be given a spot in the rotation? He will have to compete for one of the final two slots like all the other pithers. I would like to see at least one lefty but I dont know if Russell is the right guy.I think Wells and Cashner will probably get the two slots remaining.