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22 responses to “Carlos Zambrano: Softball Player”

  1. N

    This seems like a much safer idea than when he was playing soccer.

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  3. Dave

    That’s an awful shirt he’s wearing

  4. Jeff

    I have my own celebrity softball story, and it’s cooler than this one. A couple of seasons ago my team was in the league playoffs and who shows up for the other team? None other than the Canseco brothers, Ozzie and Jose. They came in all cocky and confident, drawing lots of attention, only for both of them to suck royally. We have one of those awful spitball type softball pitchers and he completely owned the Canseco’s. They got mad and left after they both failed to get a hit in the top of the third. Complete douches, and they never said a word.

  5. pfk (Peter F. Kempf)

    Hey, whatever happens to Z, we will have some fun memories. I still think him throwing the umpire out of the game and then throwing the ball to the warning track is one of the greatest scenes of all time. Very original too. No base throwing or dirt kicking. He just ejected the ump from the game!