“It’s only Spring Training” is a phrase you’ve probably read around these parts many times, but damn if I’m not really liking what I’m seeing… from Mike Quade. On to the bullets.

  • Both Carlos Zambrano and Matt Garza will pitch in the Spring opener this Sunday against the Athletics. Boing.
  • Tyler Colvin, a possible back-up at first base (who wasn’t told he might fill that role until last week, but whateves), will start some games at first base this Spring. I suspect the Cubs would like to see how he handles the position not only in Spring, but also during the season, so that, if they whiff on Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder, the Cubs can turn the position over to Colvin as a fall-back plan.
  • Non-roster invitee Scott Rice was the last to throw live to hitters on Sunday, but by then, all the positional players had headed off for a meeting. So Rice threw to manager Mike Quade. Pressure much? The catcher called a fastball in, and Rice left it over the middle of the plate. Sure, it’s nice to avoid hitting the manager, but it’s never a good idea to show him that you throw meatballs when feeling the heat.
  • Former Cub – and current non-roster invitee – Todd Wellemeyer is being considered as a starter and a reliever, but he’s not a realistic option to crack the rotation. If he makes the team, it will be as the long man in the bullpen.
  • Dave

    If the Cubs don’t have 6 or 7 pitchers in camp who are better than Wellemeyer and he gets a bullpen spot, 2011 is a lost season.

    Another note, I really like the bullet format.

  • Cardfan

    I guess the big question is, will the Cubs crap all over Quade? I can’t imagine big Lou getting the Dusty treatment. Either way, I was laughing my ass of at this…


    • Ace

      Yeah, that is such a pile of crap. I’ve been writing about it today for a post to go up shortly. In sum: Dusty’s memory, like his managerial skills, is intermittently poor.

  • Jeff

    To me, before the Cubs got Wood, Pena, and Garza, it seemed like they pretty much threw Mike Quade in the path of the bullet. If he failed, everyone expected it, if he wins, the Cubs and Jim Hendry expected it. It’s a win/win for management, but puts fans in a kind of awkward position. Is it okay for this team to suck again, and start over with a new front office and manager, and a big roster turnover next winter? Or do we cheer for the “overachievers” and hope the no name manager can lead the can’t win roster to the postseason success that we have been robbed of throughout our lives? I personally want them to win, no matter what it takes, and win this year. I know plenty of pretty loyal Cubs fans who are fed up with Hendry and our under achieving multi millionaires club, and want the team blown up and start afresh with the youngsters.
    Cardfan: I wonder if the pile of crap had been in Dusty’s place if Mark Prior and Kerry Wood would have been pitched into the ground the same way. (I’m still not convinced his heavy reliance on Zambrano hasn’t affected Big Z’s career in a negative way as well)

    • Cardfan

      I love Dusty’s comment “I was one of the best managers around”. I enjoyed him as a player, but he sucked as a manager. He couldn’t pull it together in SF, he couldn’t pull it together in Chicago, and I’m convinced that the only reason he is having success with the Reds is because of Walt Jocketty. It is a flash-in-the-pan existence for him, as the Red’s only made it to the division crown by beating up on the sub-.500 teams. They had a losing record against every division leader in the NL. He is gone by the end of the year IMO

      • Bric

        It’s true he seems to catch lightning in a bottle right at the right time but holds onto the bottle too long and it just fizzles. The bottle pops, the fans scratch their heads, and he moves onto the next team with alot of young talent. Next stop: 2012, Washington Nationals (or possibly the A’s).