Hopefully no one takes a dump in Mike Quade’s office this Spring…

  • While he’s leaving open room for surprises, Quade realistically sees just two positional spots on the roster open: utility infield and fifth outfielder. Neither is a surprise when you factor in the eight starters plus Jeff Baker, Tyler Colvin, and Koyie Hill already having spots. Note that Quade’s comments probably confirm that the Cubs will go with 12 pitchers, as they have in the recent past.
  • Speaking of the roster crunch, outfield hopeful Fernando Perez will try switch hitting again this year after batting solely from the right side last year. As a career .234/.301/.351 hitter, you gotta try everything, right? Up next: separating hands a la Ty Cobb, then one-handed hitting, then wearing a gigantic cup to try and get beaned on every pitch.
  • Hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo will be working with Alfonso Soriano this Spring to help continue Soriano’s offensive resurgence (well, theoretical resurgence anyway), but he notes that much of the work will fall to Soriano, himself.
  • Randy Wells digs Tom Ricketts’ words to the team about being the best in Chicago. If successful, the Cubs will ensure that they are at least the 29th best team in baseball.
  • http://GROTA AJ Walsh

    I read “gigantic cup” as “gigantic cap” and thought of the Celebrity Jeopardy sketch on SNL where Burt Reynolds wears a big hat and calls himself Turd Furgeson.

    • Ace

      I’ll take the Penis Mightier, Alex.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Different subject. Looks like Wainwright might be out for the season. Hopefully not.

    • wax_eagle

      Yeah, I wouldn’t wish Tommy John on my worse enemy. Hope that he can rest it and get back to pitching.