If You Want Another Reason to Like Carlos Pena

Carlos Pena has already demonstrated why he’s roundly considered one of the best “clubhouse guys” in the game. He’s smart, affable, and has an impressive attitude at every turn. I like him.

And now I like him even more.

The topic was who has priority over certain popups and fly balls, and Pena wanted to point out that there are certain areas on the field where it is only one person’s responsibility. For example, Pena is in charge of the area to his left, a triangle, if you will, from him to the pitcher to the catcher.

He asked manager Mike Quade if he could say something during the workout.

“He’s like, ‘Do you mind if I say something?’ and I said, ‘No — great,’” Quade said of Pena, a free agent who signed a one-year contract with the team in December. “It’s a group effort in so many ways. Also, people in other organizations have heard other instructors say different things. Any input seems to make sense to bring up.” cubs.com.

There’s no doubt that folks overstate the value – in terms of wins and losses – of team chemistry and leadership. But it certainly can’t hurt to have a guy, who is already everything you look for in a teammate, step up to lead the team on and off the field.

It also makes the team that much more likable on the whole.

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  1. KB

    I like the guy, but what exactly did he do?