As regular readers know, we preview every series of the year, offering updates on the Cubs’ opponent, lineups, expected pitchers, etc. We also include a feature¬†euphemistically¬†known as the Series She-View, in which – for totally not gratuitous reasons – we imagine each team represented by a beautiful woman. The opponents’ reps change, but the Cubs’ rep stays the same throughout the year.

For the 2009 and 2010 seasons, the representative was none other than supermodel Marisa Miller. She is hot, fun, and (probably) likes the Cubs. And so, she could remain the Cubs’ representative for the 2011 season – but I’m going to let you decide that.

The purpose of this post is to toss out other possible representatives whom we might consider as the female embodiment of the Chicago Cubs in 2011. Once we’ve got a good group from whom to choose, I’ll probably throw it out there for a vote – after all, you’ve all got to be looking at her just as much as I this year, so why not give you a say?

Throw out your suggestions in the comments. Some guidelines:

(1) Don’t be a pervert, and don’t say anything skeevy. The concept alone is skeevy enough.

(2) She has to be sufficiently famous that I’ll easily be able to find enough photos to fill a season’s worth of Series Previews.

(3) It would be nice if she has some remote, plausible connection to the Chicago Cubs – it can be extremely tenuous.

  • Dan0mite

    Jennifer Morrison. She is on House, is pretty hot, a Chicago native and a reported die hard Cubs fan. And here is a link to boot. (nothing skeevy or bad, it’s from sports illustrated).


    • Ace

      Yeah, very attractive, and I’m a fan. But I don’t know that she’s going to have a large enough pictorial selection to suffice.

  • eryk

    Allysa Milano models womens cloths for the cubs and is hot

    • Hogan

      She’s a huge Dodgers fan, wrote a book on it even.

  • PFK

    Whew! Finally something to take our minds off what the Cub’s opening day lineup is going to be. This is going to take alot of consideration…days and days of consideration.

    • Ace

      At least it’s something, right?

  • Jody

    I nominate Joan Cusack. All those in favor….

  • don

    unfortunatly if we really have to go with lindsay lohan because her and the cubs are both trainwrecks

  • Odd

    Carey Mulligan.. She was in Public Enemies which was shot in Chicago..

  • Odd

    Or Maggie Gyllenhaal, in the Dark Knight which was also shot in Chicago..

    • Ace

      Without being untoward…. Maggie Gyllenhaal is…. not attractive.

  • DaveB

    I vote Marisa Miller be removed as Cubs representative immediately. I remember during the playoffs last year (it may have been the World Series actually) she was being interviewed during the game, wearing a Giants jersey and talking about how much of a diehard Giants fan she was. BleacherNation cannot have a female representative who publicly reps other teams!
    As to who replaces her, Im going to need to do some research before nominating someone. I’d say for now Danomite has the best candidate, but I think we can do better

  • Scarey

    I don’t think she’s a Cubs fan, but here’s a picture of Candice Swanepoel modeling some Cubs gear with Randy Wells. Maybe some creative photo shopping could get her out of there from Wells, Beckham, and the other chick.


  • SamM

    Jennifer Aniston is apparently a cubs fan I believe that we can partially thank Vince Vaughn for that one. But she has been quoted and spotted multiple times supporting the Cubbies.


    • Ace

      Good catch, though – in terms of notoriety – she’s on her way out, it seems.

  • brian

    Ace might a suggest a possible bleacher nation competition? Maxim has the hometown hotties, I don’t see why you can’t have the Bleacher Girls… Just saying.

  • Jeff

    The Cubs should not be limited to just one hot chick, that would be ludicrous and short sighted on our part. I propose that the Cubs can be represented by any hot chick who has ever worn Cubs gear in public, or has sung the seventh inning stretch at Wrigley.

    • Ace

      I understand the sentiment, but I think it’s smoother to have one rep for the whole season. I’ll think about that.

  • http://calebshreves.blogspot.com Caleb

    Easy- Sofia Vergara. You’ve seen Modern Family, right?

    Despite the obvious ethnicity card, let’s examine a few other persuasive factors, shall we?

    1. If you convert the letters of her name into numbers using the ancient Mayan mathematical codex, then add them up, you get 19082011. Weird, right?

    2. She and Steve Bartman share the same number of letters in their name. Bad luck? Cancelled.

    3. She eats black cats for breakfast (it’s customary in Columbia).

    4. She stars with Al Bundy, who starred in the show “Married With Children” which was set in Chicago, with many scenes actually being filmed *at* Wrigley. (no I don’t fact check)

    5. Mike Quade probably thinks she’s hot, meaning he’ll read this site more often, meaning we have a greater chance of influencing his managing decisions.

    What else do you need?




    • Bric

      Holy crap, this chick’s hot! I’ve never heard of her before (or the show, for that matter. I don’t watch a lot to prime time tv) but she’s got my vote. Ace, just photo shop her into a Zambrano jersey and black thong and there’s your hot Cub fan.

    • Ace

      Solid stuff. She’ll definitely be among those considered – check out the first Series Preview tomorrow and you’ll see that the format is changing slightly. Ms. Vergara will find her way into the mix, and your thoughtful rationale will be cited.

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