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Month: February 2011

Jeff Samardzija Has a Slightly Better Attitude About the Bullpen Thing

Chicago Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija hasn’t always had the best attitude toward the organization that drafted him four years ago, and paid him $10 million to forgo a career as a wide receiver in the NFL. Because he’d never been a full-time baseball player, Samardzija was understandably slow to develop consistency as a pitcher, and […]

Bleacher Nation Fantasy Baseball League – Times Three

For those of you who were shut out of the first two Bleacher Nation fantasy baseball leagues (hey, what do you know, we’re popular!), reader Marc has agreed to set up a third league (settings the same as the first two). To get in, shoot Marc an email at marc DOT hampson AT yahoo.com, and […]


Chicago Cubs 2011 Television Schedule

At last, the long-awaited Chicago Cubs TV schedule for the 2011 season is here. Among the highlights, you’ll be able to see the entire May series against the Red Sox (WGN, Fox, and ESPN) and a couple national games against the Yankees. In total, at least 8 games will be on Fox, at least 60 […]

Augie Ojeda May Well End Up the 25th Man, And Other Tidbits

Bruce Levine hosted another weekly chat, and offered up his thoughts on the Chicago Cubs’ roster and future plans, with a special emphasis on how things might shake out in Spring Training. The highlights: Augie Ojeda will get a very real shot to be the primary backup at shortstop, which would send Darwin Barney back […]

Albert Pujols and Cardinal Extension Has “Virtually No Chance”

Cardinals’ first baseman and all-around ridiculous player Albert Pujols is a free agent after the 2011 season. Perhaps you hadn’t heard. Perhaps you also hadn’t heard that LeBron James decided to take his talents to South Beach. Pujols is, of course, the face of the Cardinals, and has indicated his desire to remain in St. […]

Bleacher Nation Fantasy Baseball League – Times Two

Due to overwhelming demand, we’re going to open up a second Bleacher Nation Fantasy Baseball League, which will almost certainly be twice as awesome as the first league. The settings (league and draft settings) and password info for Bleacher Nation 2 are the same as the first league (described in the immediately preceding post), and […]

Bleacher Nation Fantasy Baseball League

Looking to join a new fantasy baseball league with other Cubs fans? Looking to test your mettle against the best? Looking to kick my ass in something? BN reader Marc approached me about setting up a fantasy baseball league for us this year, and as a long-time fantasy football player – but fantasy baseball virgin […]


Probably Irrelevant Michael Young Watch: Rockies Out

In the last two days, things have escalated in Texas such that it’s hard to imagine Michael Young starting the 2011 season with the Rangers. He’s officially requested a trade, suggested that he’s “sick” of playing for the Rangers, and stated that he feels he was misled about the team’s intentions. But despite his eagerness […]

The Chicago Cubs Had a Good Offseason

If the offseason were the season, the Chicago Cubs might have made the playoffs. That’s because, according to ESPN’s Jayson Stark, the Cubs had the second best offseason in the NL Central (behind, obviously, the Brewers). Well, the Cubs got better. We’ll give them that. But how much better? That depends. Depends on whether Garza can […]

Dusty Baker Is Afraid of the Chicago Cubs

It’s ok to admit it. Dusty Baker’s success with the Cincinnati Reds last year kind of roiled you. Sure, the success wasn’t much different than he saw with the Cubs, but he did it with a whole lot less payroll, and it looked like a lot more fun. It bugged me. I’m a small man. […]

All the Ways You Can Get 2011 Chicago Cubs Tickets

Well, all the official ways, anyway – and assuming you don’t want to check out the view from the Wrigley Rooftops. Single game tickets go on sale February 25th on the web (cubs.com, starting at 10am CST), on the phone (1-800-THE-CUBS for Illinois residents, 866-652-2827 for out-of-staters, starting at 10am CST), or at the Wrigley […]

Baseball Prospectus Thinks the Chicago Cubs Will Suck in 2011

It’s the time of year that player and team predictions start trickling out. Most are just some blowhard’s thoughts on a team he rarely watches (for example, BN’s annual and upcoming “Why X Team Will Suck in 2011” series), but others are deeply involved statistical analyses that are a little bit harder to ignore. Such […]


Chicago Cubs 2011 Spring Training Broadcast Schedule

This year’s Spring Training broadcast schedule – i.e., when you can catch the Cubs on TV and radio – is out thanks to Cubs.com. You’ll be able to catch the Cubs on TV eight times this Spring, six times on WGN and twice on CSN. The schedule: February Sunday, February 27 vs Athletics 2:05 PM […]

Lukewarm Stove: Michael Young Likely to Be Traded

Michael Young has finally had enough of his ever-changing role in Texas – shortstop? third base? second base? first base? DH? – and he’s ready to move on. Surely the Rangers anticipated his frustration when they added first Adrian Beltre and then Mike Napoli, leaving Young without a clear starting spot. The Texas Rangers have […]

PROTIP: If You’re Going to Graffiti, Bring a Dictionary

The statue of Harry Caray, for whatever reason, is a seemingly constant target of vandalism. Perhaps it was Harry’s jovial nature or the fact that some folks just *have* to vandalize (in the same way I just *have* to dance), but whatever the reason, some loser struck again this weekend. But in the future, the […]

Cardinals Think Albert Pujols Wants Too Much Money

We are but a couple weeks away from Albert Pujols’ self-imposed contract extension deadline, the start of Spring Training. Pujols is a free agent after the 2011 season, and if we are to avoid a LeBron James-esque Decision next Winter, Pujols and the Cards will need to work something out soon. But to date, things […]


New Pitching Coach Mark Riggins Hates the Towel Drill As Much As You Do

An often unfactored loss this offseason, when contemplating the Chicago Cubs’ expected 2011 performance, is the loss of pitching coach Larry Rothschild, who headed off to join the Yankees after 10 years with the Cubs. Say what you will about the team’s performance in the last decade, but one thing has been consistent: the Cubs […]

The Cubs Aren’t the Only Team Welcoming Back Familiar Faces

As I noted on Twitter last night, the Cardinals have signed former star (and former Cub – or have you already suppressed that memory?) Jim Edmonds to a minor league deal. Could he be their Augie Ojeda? “We had been talking for a little over a month and it got to a point where we […]

Cubs Are Close to Long-Term Deal with Carlos Marmol

The Chicago Cubs and closer Carlos Marmol have been working on a long-term deal for a few weeks now. The two sides would like to reach an agreement in lieu of arbitration, for which Marmol is eligible the second time. Marmol requested $5.65 million for 2011 and the Cubs offered $4.1 million. According to the Chicago […]

Lukewarm Stove: Bruce Levine Bullets

With Spring Training just around the corner, the rumor season is heading into a reduced period. There will still be smaller signings here and there, and some trades happen as things shake out in Spring Training, but the big-time moves won’t be back on the table until we get into the season. That said, there’s […]

While You’re In, Avoiding the Weather

Perhaps now would be a good time (WARNING: mini-solicitation to follow) to “like” Bleacher Nation on Facebook? Just go to that link. It gives you another place to get your Bleacher Nation fix, and you can share it with your friends – which, in my completely impartial opinion, would be just swell. I bet they’d […]

The Wrigley Field Roof is Touring the Streets of Wrigleyville

As I noted last night on Twitter (follow me!), a piece of the roof at Wrigley Field tore off during the blizzard, scattering debris along the streets in the area. A piece of a structural panel from the roof of Wrigley Field “broke away” during Tuesday evening’s blizzard, according to various reports. Cubs spokesman Peter […]