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Month: February 2011

While You’re In, Avoiding the Weather

Perhaps now would be a good time (WARNING: mini-solicitation to follow) to “like” Bleacher Nation on Facebook? Just go to that link. It gives you another place to get your Bleacher Nation fix, and you can share it with your friends – which, in my completely impartial opinion, would be just swell. I bet they’d […]

The Wrigley Field Roof is Touring the Streets of Wrigleyville

As I noted last night on Twitter (follow me!), a piece of the roof at Wrigley Field tore off during the blizzard, scattering debris along the streets in the area. A piece of a structural panel from the roof of Wrigley Field “broke away” during Tuesday evening’s blizzard, according to various reports. Cubs spokesman Peter […]

Lou Piniella Will Be Working for the Giants

Lou Piniella tearfully left baseball in August of last year, noting that it would be the last time he would put on a uniform. It was the end of an era, to be sure, but Lou never said it would be the last time he worked for a baseball organization. The team hasn’t made an […]

No Power

Like many other Midwesterners, I find myself without power for the immediate future. Which sucks for both of us. For me it means eating canned ham by candlelight; for you it means reduced posting. Sorry.


Is Sean Marshall an Option for the Rotation?

After dealing Tom Gorzelanny, the Chicago Cubs are faced with the prospect of having an all right-handed rotation. Some would contend that having a lefty among your five starters (rather than just starting your five best) is a luxury, not a necessity – and a team would be foolish to start a lefty just for […]