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Month: March 2011

Laughing Because It Isn’t the Cubs: Cards Blow It Late

The Cardinals took a 3-2 lead into the 9th today – their Opening Day – but lost the game in 11, after the Padres tied it with two outs in the 9th. Albert Pujols was 0-5 with three(!) GIDP. That’s a double nut punch if I’ve ever seen one. But the icing on the cake […]

The Opening Day Lineup is Set

Chicago Cubs manager Mike Quade has announced tomorrow’s Opening Day lineup, and it contains at least two surprises: Kosuke Fukudome, RF Starlin Castro, SS Marlon Byrd, CF Aramis Ramirez, 3B Carlos Pena, 1B Geovany Soto, C Alfonso Soriano, LF Darwin Barney, 2B Ryan Dempster, P The first surprise is Darwin Barney getting the start at […]

Matt Garza is Almost Certainly Not the Next Milton Bradley

It’s a bit surprising in how little it’s been discussed – including here – but, did you know that Matt Garza is, on paper, a character risk? Known as a hypercompetitive player (on the plus side), Garza has a whole lot of Carlos Zambrano in him. But he’s also known as a great teammate; someone […]

Mike Quade Offers a Few Words on the Back-Up Catcher Decision

Much to our pleasure, Max Ramirez cleared waivers yesterday and will remain in the organization, albeit at AAA Iowa. There, he’ll be joined by the other catcher in Cubs camp this Spring who won’t be on the big club, Welington Castillo. Much to our chagrin, the job on the big club went to nice-guy-bad-ballplayer Koyie […]


Max Ramirez Cleared Waivers

Inasmuch as one can be excited about back-up-back-up catchers making it through waivers so that they can struggle to find playing time at AAA, I’m pretty excited. Today, Max Ramirez cleared waivers, and the Chicago Cubs outrighted him to AAA Iowa. Ramirez will split time behind the plate with Welington Castillo (you know, that other guy that isn’t Koyie Hill), […]

Why the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals Will Suck

Editor’s Note: Yes, it’s that time of year again – the time for us to settle back into our protective bubble where the Chicago Cubs are destined for greatness, and every other team in the National League Central is bound for spectacular failure. If you’d care to check out last year’s fare: St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati […]

Two Chicago Cubs Minor Leaguers Suspended for Testing Positive for Steroids

A couple of Chicago Cubs minor leaguers recently tested positive for a banned substance (we’ll use “steroids” as the catch-all), and will be suspended for 50 games, says the Commissioner’s Office. Pitcher Amalio Reyes and catcher Erick Castillo, members of the organization’s Dominican Summer League team, were the guilty Cubs. Neither was a member of […]

So, About Matt Garza’s Spring

Final 2011 Spring Training line for Matt Garza: 21.2 innings, 25(!) earned runs, 35(!!) hits, 14 walks. Um, yo. *Insert finger into collar, tug nervously.* Should we be concerned? I’m usually the first person to say that Spring Training stats are meaningless, particularly for guys whose position on the team is secured. And I stick […]


As Expected, Andrew Cashner’s Innings Will Be Limited

One of the reasons I would have been all right with someone other than Andrew Cashner winning the fifth starter’s job out of Spring Training is his yet underdeveloped season-long inning totals. Don’t get me wrong, I would have ultimately chosen Cashner for the job, too. But if someone else had taken a few of […]

The Cubs Are Basically Never Going to Steal Bases

Early in the Spring, Chicago Cubs manager Mike Quade was talking a big game about the Cubs’ consistently low stolen base totals, and about how that was going to change under his watch. His comments were met with more than one raised eyebrow as folks looked over the Cubs’ roster and, predictably, thought who exactly […]

From One Carlos to Another

Carloses Zambrano and Silva had continued to cultivate a long-time friendship over the past year as teammates, but with Silva’s weekend release, the two will have to make it a long distance friendship. “It was kind of sad. He was sad, too,’’ Zambrano said of the conversation he had with longtime friend and former Venezuelan […]

Cubs Formally Cut Welington Castillo

It’s been unofficial for about a week now, but today, the Cubs made it official: Spring hero Welington Castillo will open the season at AAA Iowa, where he can start regularly. Max Ramirez remains in camp, presumably because the Cubs want to wait as long as possible before having to make a decision about him. […]

Mike Quade and Mark Riggins on the Carlos Silva Release

As the Chicago Cubs simultaneously wind down Spring and ramp up for Opening Day, the news this weekend was dominated by Carlos Silva. It’s funny how a guy who, whether or not he made the team, wasn’t likely to have a tremendous impact on the team’s overall success or failure could be such a flashpoint […]


The Cublogoverse is Consolidating

Warning: This post is entirely meta. So, if you’re looking for a post involving actual Chicago Cubs-specific content, you may want to skip this one. There’ve been quite a few ripples in the Cublogoverse over the past few months, most of which have gone unreported by yours truly. Sorry about that. I’d always intended on […]

And So Ends the Carlos Silva Era – Cubs Release Silva

The Chicago Cubs just did what most of us have been expecting/hoping for/dreaming of for about seven months: they released Carlos Silva. It was clear that there was not going to be a trade partner, particularly after his recent rant against the organization. When Silva was informed of the roster decision, he took a shot […]

God’s Wrath Watch: God Loves Koyie Hill

We haven’t seen much of the other two back-up catcher candidates, Welington Castillo and Max Ramirez, in recent days; just a steady stream of Geovany Soto, and the guy who is going to be his back-up, Koyie Hill. A big part of the reason Hill will ultimately “win” the job (inasmuch as someone who puts […]

Carlos Silva Shows His True Colors on the Way Out

We’d heard for a year and a half that Carlos Silva was not a particularly pleasant teammate, but had yet to actually see the fruits of those whispers. Now that he’s been cut, Silva is all too happy to indulge us. “No chance,” Silva said when asked if he would take the Cubs up on […]


And Carlos Silva Made the Roster (Updated: Er, Maybe?)

Sorry for the short, punchy updates, but the roster decisions are flying fast. Looper’s sudden retirement probably should have tipped everyone off, but Carlos Silva has made the Chicago Cubs’ 25-man roster. No word yet on whether he’ll be in the bullpen or in the rotation. Before you fly off the handle, remember: the guys […]

Braden Looper Retires (Again)

Braden Looper has decided to retire after being informed by the Cubs that he wouldn’t be making the team, according to Bruce Miles. Looper was in camp on a minor league deal after not pitching for all of 2010 (hence the witty “again” in the title), but didn’t show enough to make the rotation or […]

Whoa: Andrew Cashner the Fifth Starter?

As of yesterday, it appeared all but settled that Carlos Silva would be given the first crack at the fifth starter’s gig. While he, himself, had done very little earn the job, none of the other options for the fifth starter’s spot had done much to acquit themselves either. Andrew Cashner, the guy the Cubs wanted to see grab […]

Blake DeWitt: Utility Player

When both Darwin Barney and Blake DeWitt survived this week’s roster cuts, it was clear that the possibility that Barney – and not DeWitt – would see starts at second base with Jeff Baker was thoroughly on the table. And, indeed, it appears that’s how the Cubs will start out the season. DeWitt has been […]

The Fourth Cut: Perez, Moore, Scales, Ojeda, Camp Out

According to multiple reports (still waiting on the official release from the Cubs – but, hey, nowadays, you wait, you get burned), the Cubs today sent outfielder Fernando Perez to AAA Iowa, and reassigned utility men Scott Moore, Bobby Scales, Augie Ojeda and Matt Camp to minor league camp. The obvious implications, none of which were not expected: (1) […]