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4 responses to “Andrew Cashner Has the Inside Track on a Rotation Spot”

  1. Hogan

    Looking deeper into the stats I have really grown to side with you on Randy Wells, very comparable to Garza and could be a great mid rotation guy. From the sounds of it he has dealt with the issue of crumbling when he starts to stuggle. I haven’t even heard that he has a leg up on the competition and that’s puzzling in itself.

    1. wax_eagle

      It could just be a motivational tactic on the part of the Cubs. The guy has made 59 starts and is quite serviceable, he is younger than Silva, and more experienced than Chashner.

      I vote we ship Silva to New York for a prospect (or PTBNL if they take his entire salary) and go with a rotation of Demp, Z, Garza, Wells and Cashner with Russel being the first guy in when someone gets hurt.

  2. Derrick

    I definately hope Cash gets the spot I think he has great upside if he can get pass the wildness and continue to develop his change up. Randy Wells deserves the last spot n I think hell earn it. Silva needs to moved somehow someway I know he has that massive contract but I just dnt see him as a reliable option for us.