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19 responses to “Why the 2011 Cincinnati Reds Will Suck”

  1. Kenny L.

    FINALLY. I was wondering when the series was finally going to start. Thanks – fun read as always.

  2. wax_eagle

    Ace. Your inspiring words instill hope in all of use for this coming season.

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  4. veryzer

    The Reds broadcasters suck too.

  5. Jack Nugent

    Interesting quotes from Harang. How do Dusty apologists– Dusty himself being one of them– reconcile with those? I mean, it’s almost certainly Dusty’s fault that Harang got hurt in 2008.

    I’m like you– really bitter toward Dusty. I don’t get why there are Cubs fans out there who defend him. The guy is not a good manager. Period. When you say that walks “clog the bases for the fast guys” you officially lose all credibility in my book. Guy is a moron.

  6. czechXican

    I agree with this article. The Reds were a benefactor of steady offense (which, blows like the wind in every sport, but moreso in baseball) and some GREAT pitching for the first 5 months of the season. But then the wheels fell off, or Dusty ‘HAPPENED’ and they were kind of lucky to hang on.

    Their pitching will be good, but they finish 82-80, 3rd place

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  8. punchclock

    Where did you get your scouting report on Paul Janish? I can guarantee you he will finish in the top 5 in the NL among everyday players in fielding percentage. As a hitter… he sucks.

  9. Cubs Suck Worse

    How about those Cubs!