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9 responses to “Marty Brennaman: Cubs Not Good Enough to Win Division”

  1. BT

    Brennaman may or may not be right, but he despises the Cubs and should be ignored at all costs.

    1. veryzer

      This. Plus nobody with a white afro should be taken seriously.

      1. Bric

        I agree. The Cubs should schedule their annual ’70s night for a game against the Reds every year just to honor him. This dude can do the hustle with cigarette in hand better than Travolta.

  2. jstraw

    Some time last season I became aware that “Reds Nation” views us as the despised rival. I thought it was silly and amusing but I really couldn’t make sense of it, primarily because we do not and probably will not ever identify them as that. Maybe they were just feeling left out and needed a hated rival…I dunno. Maybe they’re just feeling very defensive about Dusty. It’s just kinda weird.

    1. wax_eagle

      Much easier to hate on the somewhat lowly, and slighly closer geographically Cubs than on the often much better Cardinals, or ignorable Brewers…Plus the Cubs are the big market team in the division, none of the other teams can match them in spending power or revenue…

    2. Jeff

      It always strikes me as hilarious when a person or team designates someone as their “rival” when the other party has an “I don’t care” attitude about it. The Cubs have the Sox and Cards and everything else is usually just another game. Unfortunately for Cincinatti, they probably fall short of Milwaukee and Pittsburgh as Cubs rivals. I even hold more hate towards the Yankees than I do the Reds.

      1. jstraw

        Exactly. It’s like that blond yelling at the gecko and mistaking him for “Stanley” from back in ’03. And you arrrrrrre?

  3. Philoe Beddoe

    “that can play or be reckoned with the Reds and Brewers”….I know they got Greinke but the Brewers haven’t won anything since 1982, and wasn’t the Reds division title their first since 1990? way back Goodfellas came out..a movie I am pretty sure the guy in the picture was whacked in

    1. Bric

      Yea, he got the papers, got the papers…. and then ended up hanging in a meat locker. Great movie for the quotes alone. “Paulie hated phones…”