God’s Wrath Watch: Carlos Zambrano’s Arm is “Tired,” But Probably OK

God’s Wrath makes its first appearance of the  year, but hopefully it’s indicative of the way the rest of the year will go, because God’s Wrath in this instance is mild.

Carlos Zambrano went three solid, scoreless innings yesterday, but afterward complained of a “tired arm,” which is dreadedly close to “dead arm,” an affliction suffered by pitchers, typically late in the season, where their effectiveness is all but sapped. Fortunately Zambrano says the tired arm feeling not only doesn’t concern him, but is also something he experiences at least once each Spring.

“I wasn’t feeling that good today,” Zambrano said yesterday after the game. “My arm was tired. Getting in shape, it happens. It’s Spring Training. I was pitching with three days’ rest. It’s not that I wasn’t feeling good, but I was kind of fatigued.

“This is Spring Training and time to build my arm and get ready for the season.”

There’s no word yet on when Zambrano will pitch next, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him bumped back a day or two, with normal throwing on the side.


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4 responses to “God’s Wrath Watch: Carlos Zambrano’s Arm is “Tired,” But Probably OK”

  1. greg

    Ah, God’s wrath watch…how I missed you

  2. Willis

    5 games in, a dugout fight and a tired arm. Yay!

  3. Kenny L.

    I was kind of glad to have forgotten about this feature.

    1. Jeff

      I you are a Cubs fan, you will never forget about this feature. God’s wrath is a way of life for us die hards.